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Episode three picks up where it left off during episode two: in the backyard of Danielle Cabral’s house with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga continuing to hash out their opposing views on the seating arrangements at RHONJ Recap Teresa and Louie’s engagement party.

Teresa tells Melissa that she hasn’t felt the love from her and Joe when it comes to her relationship with Louie. This shocks Melissa, who insists that “nobody [has] opened their arms more than Joe and I did to Louie. I wanna see your happy ending. I’ve been here to see everything. I wanna see that.”

Then Teresa asks Melissa to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding to Louie Ruelas. Melissa is taken aback by the offer and feels that it’s a slap in the face.

A shocked Melissa asks, “Why are you acting like you’re doing me a favor?”

“I’m not; I would love for you to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. I’m being for real,” Teresa insists.

Despite Teresa’s pleas, Melissa says she “would never go back. I’m okay not being in it. I swear I’m really okay with it.”

Next up, Frank heads over to Dolores’ house to take a photo dressed up as the Easter bunny for the charity calendar. He runs into Paulie there, and the two are cordial with each other. Frank invites Paulie to join the guys for boys’ night on Tuesday, and Paulie says he will try to make it.

Melissa, Marge, and Jackie then meet up for lunch. Jackie brings up Danielle’s issues with her and admits she did look Danielle up and down, but only because her outfit was so bad. They then discuss Jennifer, claiming that she’s miserable in her marriage and life, which is why she’s trying to dig up dirt on everyone.

Newbie Rachel Fuda celebrates her daughter’s second birthday and opens up about her fertility struggles with contemplating having more children.

The drama heats up when Joe and Melissa Gorga record an episode for her On Display podcast and claim they are the reason Teresa’s daughters had food on their table while the RHONJ OG was in prison for a year.

Naturally, this claim doesn’t sit well with the Giudice family, specifically Teresa’s four daughters – Gia, 22, Gabriella, 17, Milania, 17, and Audriana, 12.

In fact, the Giudice girls are so upset over their aunt and uncle’s lies that Gabriella breaks her silence on camera. If you know anything about Teresa’s girls, Gabriella is the most private and almost never speaks or appears on the show, so the fact that she’s speaking out on camera says something.

Gia says that the only time she and her sisters saw Melissa and Joe while her mom was in prison was when the Bravo cameras were rolling.

“It’s hurtful that someone says that because that was about five years of my life. It was a sensitive time and especially when it’s not true,” Gabriella, who is Melissa’s goddaughter, says of her aunt and uncle’s claims. “We would remember. And credit shouldn’t be given when it’s not earned. That’s something that directly affects me and that I take to heart.”

Teresa starts crying as they all lament over how sad this situation with Melissa and Joe is, considering they are their only family. Gabriella notes, “We literally have one family member.”

The scene switches to Danielle catching up with Melissa as she picks out clothes for her boutique, Envy. As the two chat, Melissa mentions that Jackie was upset she didn’t get invited to the Mozzarella party. She adds that Jackie admitted to looking Danielle up and down because her outfit was bad. Danielle insists she made the right call not inviting her to the party.

The conversation then switches to family drama as Danielle reveals that she’s on the outs with her brother. She explains they had a falling out after she put her two cents in about her brother’s wedding. Danielle says she blames her now sister-in-law, which surprises Melissa. Melissa insists she always tried to get Joe and Teresa to work things out.

At the Aydin residence, Jennifer and Bill are teaching their kids to clean around the house. Jennifer incentivizes the kids by paying them minimum wage, which Bill isn’t on board with at all. Jennifer admits that since Bill’s affair became public, she has had trouble not spoiling her kids.

Then at Danielle’s house, she and her parents discuss their broken family. Turns out Danielle isn’t the only one estranged from her brother. He is also on the outs with their mom. Danielle’s dad is the only one in communication with him, which breaks his heart. . Danielle’s dad breaks down in tears over the estrangement and says he just wants his family back together.

Down the shore, the Gorgas get a visit from Melissa’s mom and sister. They bring up Teresa’s wedding, and Melissa asks her mom and sister if they were invited to which they reply, “No.” Joe calls the snub “sad” and “shocking” before dismissing his kids from the table to further talk about Teresa and Louie.

Joe says the move is a slap in the face considering how much his parents loved Melissa’s mom. He then claims that after the season 12 reunion, Joe texted Louie trying to make things better between them and asking for an apology from Teresa; however, Louie made it clear that wouldn’t be happening.

Then during boys’ night out, Joe confronts Louie about not inviting his in-laws to the wedding and says it’s a slap in the face. Most of the men agree with Joe; however, Louie notes that’s not the only slap in the face happening at the moment. He then brings up Melissa and Joe, claiming that without them, Teresa’s daughters wouldn’t have had food on their table when Teresa was in prison.

Joe insists he was there for his sister and called her every day. Louie says his nieces talk a lot and tell a much different story.

“F–k you, f–k you, you’re not a man, bro,” Joe tells Louie. “You’re a f–king pussy, you know why.”

Joe grows more and more heated, telling Louie, “I’m gonna break your f–king balls!”

Louie fires back that Joe needs to stop with the “theatrics” and that Joe can “talk all you want because you’re not going to affect me.”

As things calm down, Louie tells Joe that he can see he’s hurt and that he needs to try to work things out with Teresa.

Joe claims he doesn’t want to get hurt anymore but may be willing to work things out with Teresa.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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The main conflict between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga in episode three revolves around the seating arrangements at Teresa and Louie’s engagement party.

Melissa feels that Teresa’s offer to be a bridesmaid is a slap in the face because she believes Teresa is acting like she’s doing her a favor, rather than genuinely wanting her to be a part of the wedding.

Joe and Melissa Gorga claim on Melissa’s podcast that they are the reason Teresa’s daughters had food on their table while Teresa was in prison. This claim upsets Teresa’s daughters, as they feel it is untrue and disrespectful to their mother’s experience.

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