Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna: A Dynamic Duo

Love her or hate her, it’s no secret that Lisa Rinna’s exit from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills left a very large hole in the cast. However, Kyle Richards has seamlessly stepped in to fill that void.
Earlier this year, Rinna announced that she would depart from RHOBH after eight seasons on the franchise.
There’s no doubt that someone will need to step up to take Rinna’s place as the resident pot stirrer; as for who that will be, only time will tell.
Now, nearly two months after later, OG Kyle Richards shares the silver lining of Rinna no longer being a member of the RHOBH cast.
According to Kyle, Rinna’s exit allow friendships on the show to blossom, particularly for Erika Jayne.
“For me, Lisa Rinna brought a lot to the show. I don’t want that getting lost in what I am going to say. Whenever someone is really tight with another cast member, and they leave, then all of a sudden that person who was very close to them is going to have to be more open to other relationships, especially Erika, I would say,” Kyle told Yahoo’s In the Know.  
It’s no secret that Rinna and Erika were onscreen besties and often teamed up to stir the pot and throw shade. She continued, “I’ve always been close with Erika, and we had our issues this year, but people end up leaning on their wingman a lot, so it does open up the door to be closer to other people.”
Meanwhile, Kyle also dishes about moving on following a difficult season of the show.
She notes that some seasons are harder than others and take more time to move on from. Kyle admits she was grateful for the long break in between filming seasons 12 and 13.
During the time away from the cameras, Kyle focused on hanging out with her friends that aren’t on the show in order to reset herself.
“There are some seasons where I can do absolutely no wrong, and then there are some seasons where people come after me, and I deserved it. Then there are times where I don’t feel like I did anything, and they’ll still come after me. You just don’t know. It really speaks to what’s going on in the world these days and how people are feeling, too,” Kyle explained. “I try to just stick with people that know me and know who I am and love me and support me. It’s easy for me to not think about the show. I do keep myself private, oddly enough. I have Kyle on the show, and then there’s me alone with my friends. I post a picture, and people are like, ‘Where’s Dorit [Kemsley]? Where’s this person?’ And I’m like, ‘I actually have friends who are not on the show, you know!’ It’s been very good for me to have this extra time, for sure.” 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to return for season 13 in mid-to-late 2023.

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Lisa Rinna has announced her departure from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after eight seasons on the franchise.

Lisa Rinna’s departure from the show opens up opportunities for new friendships to blossom, particularly for Erika Jayne, who was close with Rinna. With Rinna gone, Erika will have to be more open to forming relationships with other cast members.

Kyle Richards found solace in the long break between filming seasons 12 and 13. During this time, she focused on spending time with friends who are not on the show in order to reset herself. She values the support and love from those who know her well and tries to keep her private life separate from the show.

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