Kyle Cooke Opens Up About Lindsay Hubbard and Amanda Batula’s Complicated Relationship

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Friendships within the Summer House cast are falling apart left and right. It’s no secret that Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera’s friendship hit a wall while filming season 7 of Summer House. The two get into a friendship-ending fight that involves Lindsay’s relationship with her boyfriend, Carl Radke. It turns out Danielle isn’t the only one who has issues with Carle and Lindsay’s relationship. Most of the Summer House cast seems to be against the romance. Kyle Cooke, in particular, has an issue with Carl and Lindsay’s relationship because of the strain it has put on Kyle and Carl’s friendship and professional relationship. While filming season 7, Carl was the VP of Sales for Kyle and Amanda Batula’s Lover Boy alcoholic beverage line. However, Carl quit the company in November 2022. He still remains an investor. During season 7, Bravo fans will see Kyle go head-to-head with both Carl and Lindsay. While the particulars of their beef aren’t quite clear just yet, the build-up to their drama was evident in episode one. While Summer may be long over but the drama between Kyle and Lindsay is still going strong. Kyle recently clapped back at Lindsay, calling him “calculated” – and he isn’t holding back. “She thinks I’m calculated? I think she’s the most calculated person I’ve ever met, so I find that hysterical,” the 40-year-old told Us Weekly. “I mean, she goes into summer with a game plan. I’m just living my life.” Earlier this month, Lindsay made some not-so-friendly comments about Kyle’s role on Peacock’s The Traitors. “You know what’s so funny? I’ve been, like, watching the show, and the first thing he says is he’s like, ‘People don’t know this about me, but I’m calculated,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh really? I know this about you,’” she said on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast on February 10. “What I think I was actually referring to on Traitors is that I play this goofball on Summer House where I don’t look like I’m taking myself too seriously on the weekend, which is where 95 percent of the footage for our shows takes place. But I actually am a very strategic thinker,” Kyle explained. “Like, I am calculated when it comes to assessing things and sniffing things out and making judgments and seeing people for who they are — that’s what I was talking about. I’m, like, take out the party element, and people are gonna see a different side of me. Not that I manipulate people, which is, I think, the word that usually follows calculated.” When asked to clarify what Lindsay’s “game plan” was for season 7 of Summer House, Kyle said, “To make it about her and Carl.”  In the premiere episode of Summer House, Carl hinted to Lindsay that he was unhappy working at Loverboy. “Look, they can say what they want. Every couple’s gonna go through challenges, so no need to put up the facade. We’re all friends here; we’ve all been through some s—t. I think that it was very clear to me that they’ve had multiple conversations about Carl quitting. I paid him a full-time salary for an entire year when he spent most of it checked out,” Kyle told Us Weekly. “I was just hurt that considering how patient I’ve been with him and how many chances I’ve given him and how I was working with him for quite some time to allow his role to evolve.” Further fueling the issues between Kyle and Carl is the drama between the ladies in their lives. Kyle’s wife Amanda Batuala and Lindsay have butted heads for years. “Lindsay and Amanda have had a complicated relationship ever since, you know, Lindsay basically tried to bully her out of the house season 2 and at the season 2 reunion. I commend Amanda for taking the high road for years and years and years,” Kyle said. “I’ve tried to not let it affect my relationship with Lindsay, but I kind of hit a breaking point when she kind of went off on Amanda for simply responding to a question on Watch What Happens Live.” In October 2022, the bad blood between Amanda and Lindsay intensified following BravoCon. Amanda appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where Andy Cohen asked her which Winter House star is the “rudest” to fans. While Amanda didn’t name names, Andy mentioned Lindsay’s name to which the 31-year-old said, “From my experience. … [But] she was wonderful at BravoCon. It’s been more [when she’s] caught off-guard.” Lindsay fired back on social media by sharing a bevy of photos with fans at Loverboy events from over the years. “We’ve all been in that hot seat. Amanda wasn’t even the one to mention Lindsay’s name,” Kyle added. “I mean, anybody that’s ever worked with Lindsay knows that she can be rude, that she can be a lot. So the fact that she directed so much s—t towards Amanda and then made it about Loverboy — when it had nothing to do with Loverboy — was just kind of insane to me. She really spins things.” Summer House airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. Thoughts on this all? Sound off below! Follow AllAboutTRH On Instagram. Follow AllAboutTRH On Twitter. Like AllAboutTRH On Facebook.

 Lindsay and Danielle’s friendship fell apart due to a fight involving Lindsay’s relationship with her boyfriend, Carl Radke.

Kyle has a problem with Carl and Lindsay’s relationship because it has strained his friendship and professional relationship with Carl. Carl was the VP of Sales for Kyle and Amanda Batula’s Lover Boy alcoholic beverage line, but he quit the company in November 2022.

The drama between Kyle and Lindsay started during the filming of Summer House season 7. Kyle recently called Lindsay “calculated” and criticized her for making the season about her and Carl. Lindsay had also made negative comments about Kyle’s role on Peacock’s The Traitors.

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