Kyle Richards: The Truth Behind RHOBH Season 12 and 13 Filming Break and Casting Rumors

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Filming for season 13 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicks off this week so it’s only fitting that Kyle Richards is addressing the four month break in between filming seasons 12 and 13.

The longtime Bravoleb said the break was a welcomed relief compared to past seasons when the cast jumped right into filming a new season.

“We usually have a month off after the reunion. We’ve now had four months. We’ve never had that. This is the longest break I’ve had in 13 years,” she told In The Know by Yahoo. “I have a solid four months off here, and I’ve been spending some time in our new home in Aspen, some time with our friends, some family trips and girls’ trips and just trying to enjoy myself and not think about the show and move on from it.”

Kyle then shut down two of the biggest casting rumors surrounding season 13 of RHOBH. According to Kyle, the rumors about Ayda Field and Melanie Griffiths joining the RHOBH cast are not true.

“Ayda Field, someone was just talking about her [joining the show],” Kyle said. “I can just tell you that not one thing I’ve read online is true. Not one thing. No rumor about anybody or stories about what happened, not one thing is true. It’s just so funny.”

“I remember I was talking to Melanie Griffith at the Halloween premiere and I was like, ‘Apparently, I’ve been trying to get you on the show!’ And she said, ‘I saw that everywhere!’ I had never met her, but I saw her on the plane in Aspen and we talked in the airport in Aspen and said hi — we’re both very close to Jamie Lee Curtis,” she explained. “The next thing I know, I’m trying to get her on the show. I have no idea who put that rumor out there, but I would love Melanie Griffith on the show. I said that to her, ‘Well, you never know…’ She said, ‘Well, I’m not a Housewife!’ If you’re reading this, Melanie, come on, let’s do it.”

When asked which current Beverly Hills Housewife she would like to start fresh with during season 13, Kyle said Crystal Minkoff before admitting there a quite a few relationships she’d like to improve this season.

“I feel like Crystal [Kung Minkoff] and I really haven’t had a chance [to get close]. We’ve had moments of not getting along, but when we don’t have those moments, we get along great. We just haven’t gotten close,” the mom of four admitted.

“I feel close to Sutton [Stracke], which I don’t think you see on the show, but we actually are close in real life. They can only use so much in the season, but it was the same thing with Eileen Davidson. We had the best time together, but you didn’t really see us together. Same thing with Sutton. We get along great. She makes me laugh, and we have fun together. The other girls we’ve had years on the show, so we have a relationship. [Then there’s] Garcelle [Beauvais], who I’ve had bumps with. I actually really like Garcelle. We get along great, and we’re good and I’m hoping to get even closer and have more fun with her,” she continued.

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 The break between filming seasons 12 and 13 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was four months, which is the longest break Kyle Richards has had in the 13 years she has been on the show.

 No, according to Kyle Richards, the rumors about Ayda Field and Melanie Griffiths joining the RHOBH cast are not true. Kyle stated that not one thing she has read online about casting rumors is true.

Kyle Richards mentioned that she would like to start fresh with Crystal Minkoff in season 13 of RHOBH. She admitted that while they have had moments of not getting along, they also have moments of getting along great. Kyle also expressed a desire to improve her relationships with other cast members, such as Sutton Stracke, Eileen Davidson, and Garcelle Beauvais.

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