Lisa Rinna’s Unexpected Departure from RHOBH Sparks Overwhelming Support


Lisa Rinna wasn’t expecting the love she received after announcing her departure from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In early January, Rinna announced her exit from RHOBH after eight seasons on the show. After being booed by Bravo fans just three months earlier at BravoCon, the actress turned reality TV star was surprised by the love she received from fans following her Real Housewives exit.

While chatting with PEOPLE, Lisa admitted she was surprised by all the kind words she’s received over the past month from fans.

“I didn’t expect that I really didn’t,” Rinna shares. “That is the thing that was unexpected to me the most about everything. I thought people would mostly be like, ‘Thank God we got her fired’ — and some were, don’t get me wrong. But the majority of it was love.”

“Even the way people described my eight years on the show, with words like ‘legend, icon, G.O.A.T.’ — I said to [my husband, Harry Hamlin], ‘There are things you’d normally only get to hear if you died!'” she jokes. “And that’s how it felt — like I died, but I didn’t, and I got to see all the things that people would say about me at my funeral.”

She then touched upon getting booed at BravoCon while insisting she received many more cheers than boos while onstage.

“You know what, there were a lot more cheers in that room than there were boos,” she says. “It really was not that many boos, and I hear that now because I can focus on the applause.”

Looking back at her time on RHOBH, Rinna says she gave the job her all and “gave one hundred million percent to that job” so she can look back without “regret.”

“It’s been very nice,” Rinna notes. “It’s always nice when you put your all into a job. I feel like; at the end of the day, I left it all on the floor. I gave a hundred million percent to that job. And I can always look back — and I said this to our producer, I said, ‘I will never regret or feel bad about anything because I did my job. I did exactly what the job entailed.’ So I feel good about that.”

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 Lisa Rinna announced her departure from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after eight seasons on the show.

 Yes, Lisa Rinna was surprised by the love and kind words she received from fans following her Real Housewives exit.

 Lisa Rinna feels good about her time on RHOBH and has no regrets. She gave her all to the job and feels proud of her performance.

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