Denise Richards: RHOBH Return, Lisa Rinna, and Jeff Lewis Exit Speculations

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It might be time for Bravo to call Denise Richards because the former Bravoleb admits she’s open to returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Denise’s revelation comes nearly three years after she exited the show following season ten.

The actress appeared on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live, where host Jeff Lewis asked her if she would “consider” returning to RHOBH.

“I definitely would consider it,” Denise admitted before adding, “They haven’t approached me, though.”

Speaking of RHOBH, Jeff insinuated that Lisa Rinna’s was probably a “hurdle” that kept Denise from returning to the show considering their major “falling out” during season ten.

Jeff noted that he heard she and Rinna have since “patched things up,” however, Denise made it clear that’s not the case.

“I wouldn’t say, uh, that,” Denise replied before explaining that she and Rinna have exchanged nothing more than “a couple of cordial texts.”

Denise then confirmed that Rinna “would have never prevented” her from “coming back” to RHOBH.

The conversation then switched to Rinna’s exit from RHOBH, with Denise asking, “Do you think she quit? Or was she fired?”

“I don’t think anyone knows,” Jeff admitted.

He then elaborated, noting that he believes Rinna’s exit was all about money.

“This is what I have witnessed; you know, you’ve been in the business way longer than me. I think, unfortunately, sometimes, um, people’s teams, managers, agents, [and] attorneys get very, very aggressive. I think they alienate the, um, the networks, the, you know, the production companies, what have you. I think it was about money. I think it was probably about money,” Jeff said.

“Yes, but also, don’t you think Lisa has a pretty strong enough personality to say don’t fuck up this deal?” Denise wondered.

“I would think so. Maybe, she was behind it too,” Jeff hypothesizes. “Like, I deserve this, and I’m not working for any less than this. And I’m totally speculating here, but when you give someone an ultimatum like that, you have to be prepared to walk the walk.”

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 Yes, Denise Richards has revealed that she would consider returning to the show.

 While there was a major falling out between Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards during season ten, Denise confirmed that Rinna would not have prevented her from coming back to the show.

: The exact reason for Lisa Rinna’s exit from RHOBH is unclear. However, it is speculated that it may have been related to financial negotiations and demands.

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