Shannon Storms Beador Opens Up About Split with John Janssen

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Shannon Storms Beador is opening up more about her split with John Janssen. The Real Housewives of Orange County star appeared on Radio Andy’s Jeff Lewis Live, where she thanked her longtime friend Jeff for forcing her to go out the night before the interview. “Yesterday was a really, really hard day for me, and I couldn’t stop crying,” Shannon told Jeff. “And I don’t know how I would’ve handled things had I just been sitting at home.” While holding back tears, Shannon confessed to being “blindsided”  by John dumping her in November, noting that they “were in a great place.” What makes things even worse is that just before breaking up with Shannon, John told her he was ready to take their relationship to “the next level.” “I got teary-eyed with the words that he was saying, and I thought, ‘God, we are gonna get there,’” Shannon recalled. “I just thought whatever the next step is, we’re gonna take it. I remember tearing up, and I remember saying very kind things to him.” A week later, after John’s declaration about getting engaged, the Orange County businessman told Shannon he was “done with the relationship” out of the blue. Despite the split, Shannon notes, “I have never loved anyone close to as much as I loved John, [and] I wanted everything for the entire time to work out.” However, Shannon shut down the possibility of reconciliation after Jeff brought it up during their chat. “It’s over, Jeff,” Shannon insisted. “The last time I spoke to John was [at the] beginning of December. So I’ve never gone for this amount of time not speaking to him. It’s a big deal.” Meanwhile, after the news of John and Shannon’s split hit the Bravoverse, John was spotted getting cozy with a mystery woman at one of Shannon’s favorite Orange County hotspots, The Quiet Woman. Bravo and Cocktails scored a photo of John and his date at The Quiet Woman. The gossip outlet concealed the woman’s face, but we could see that she has long brownish-blonde hair.
Bravo And Cocktails

Bravo And Cocktails

Orange County resident and podcaster extraordinaire Kate Casey commented on the post, noting, “As someone who lives here, very lame to take a date here.”  Others echoed: “NOT THE QUIET WOMAN!!!!!” with one fan commenting, “The Quiet Woman?!?? Is nothing sacred?!” One fan quipped: “Someone wanted to be seen,” while another fan added: “How dare he go there of all places.”  The Real Housewives of Orange County is set to return for season 17 in early 2023.

Did John Janssen blindsided Shannon Storms Beador with their split?

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Shannon Storms Beador opened up about her split with John Janssen during an interview on Radio Andy’s Jeff Lewis Live. She mentioned that she was blindsided by the breakup and that they were in a great place before it happened.

Yes, John Janssen had expressed his readiness to take their relationship to the next level just before breaking up with Shannon. His words made Shannon emotional and hopeful about their future together.

No, Shannon Storms Beador firmly stated that it is over between her and John Janssen. She mentioned that she hasn’t spoken to him since the beginning of December and that she has no intention of getting back together with him.

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