RHOSLC Fans Think Jen Shah is the One Who Gave Heather Gay a Black Eye Plus Jen Reacts to the Accusation

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Fans want to get to the bottom of who gave Heather Gay a black eye and Jen Shah since it seems they won’t be getting answers on the show anytime soon. On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Heather showed up with a black eye and scratches on her arms and back after a night of shenanigans during the cast trip to San Diego. Heather played coy about how she got the black eye and who gave it to her when questioned by her co-stars. At one point, it seemed like Heather didn’t know how it happened, but she quickly alluded that she knew more than she was saying. It seems that Heather is waiting for the culprit to reveal themselves before she says a word. The Beauty Lab + Laser founder made it clear that she’s “trying to protect” herself by not revealing what happened. Since it’s all one big mystery, fans are trying to figure it out like a dramatic and glamorous game of Clue. Some have a theory that Jen Shah is the one who gave Heather a black eye. Heather and Jen’s co-star Whitney Rose has also hypothesized that Jen could have attacked Heather. “I would think it was Jen. Like, what if Heather ticked off Jen, and Jen hit her? Does she think this is gonna be bad for her trial?” Whitney said in her confessional interview. Fans think that Heather knows the who, what, where, and why behind her black eye but is staying silent in order to protect Jen. At the time of the incident, Jen was awaiting trial in her fraud case, which is why fans believe Heather didn’t want to say anything that would cause more trouble for Jen. “If we ever find out who caused Heather’s black eye, it will be after Jen’s sentencing…and that’s a big IF,” the Bravo account @facereality16 theorizes. “For argument’s sake, let’s say Heather did this to herself somehow,” they continued, “it’s causing FAR more damage to Jen by acting like she doesn’t ‘want to get anyone in trouble’ vs. just saying what happened.” On Twitter, one fan wrote, “the only person in this friend group that would physically beat the crap out of [Gay] is Jen Shah, and until she unequivocally denies it, then it’s Jen Shah!” Another fan claimed, “Oohh.. this is giving ‘Heather is covering for Jen Shah vibes’ .. allegedly (just in case) lol the body language, the looks, the need to cover up for ‘someone.’” Someone else said, “We all no [sic] it was Jen who clocked her.” See what else fans had to say below! Meanwhile, Jen reacts to suspicions that she gave Heather a black eye. On her Instagram Stories, Jen shared several messages from a Twitter account dubbed @ShahSquad. “They had [cameras] where you enter and leave where Heather was staying…y’all don’t think Jen would’ve been caught coming back in or leaving out. Lmao. Whew. Y’all hate Jen so bad y’all not paying attention,” the Shah Squad account wrote. They continued, “I know this season has become ‘Blame Jen…she’s already admitted to being guilty of something,’ but this ‘Jen hit Heather’ narrative is crazy. If it were true, you don’t think Bravo would’ve found a way to show the actual incident or aftermath of it?! Think y’all!!” The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on Bravo. 

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The identity of the person who gave Heather Gay a black eye on the show has not been revealed yet.

Heather Gay is choosing not to disclose the details of how she got the black eye in order to protect herself and potentially someone else involved.

While there are speculations and theories among fans that Jen Shah might be responsible for Heather Gay’s black eye, no concrete evidence or confirmation has been provided on the show.

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