RHOBH Reunion Recap: Part 3

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It’s time to close the chapter on season 12 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills(RHOBH Reunion)

Part three of the reunion kicks off with Andy peppering the single ladies of the group on their love/sex lives. The ladies give Sutton shit for wearing a cat sweater on her date with Sanjit. Erika relishes the group with the news she has a roster of men she swaps in and out to meet her needs. She also reveals that she got some D the night before the reunion and takes a dig at her ex-husband Tom’s inability to keep it up.

The conversation quickly moves on to Erika’s drunken antics this season. Erika says she was drinking to numb her pain and has been in therapy so she doesn’t become hateful and mean. Andy hints that she may already be there. When it comes to Erika’s drunken attack on Garcelle’s son Jax, Erika insists her outburst wasn’t aimed at him – he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Garcelle says she didn’t know how bad it was until she saw it air on the show. Kyle and Dorit apologize for laughing at Erika cursing Jax out. The whole thing, once again, seems glossed over, with Garcelle unable to really share her anger and feelings. Erika admits she’s embarrassed and disappointed by her behavior this season, which surprises everyone, including Andy.

Next up is Erika’s legal woes. In one fraud and embezzlement case, it has been determined that Erika had no knowledge of Tom’s crimes. Andy then brings up Tom being disbarred and the millions of dollars he stole from his clients. When asked how she can still say there are no victims, Erika makes it clear she has no victims. She’s not saying that Tom doesn’t have victims. This revelation brings up Erika’s outburst in Aspen. Kyle tells Erika she was out of control in Aspen and that she could not stand behind her in that situation due to her lack of empathy. Erika insists she has to help herself and save herself before anyone else. Kyle says Erika is her own worst enemy and says she couldn’t be neutral to blindly support Erika in Aspen. Andy notes that Erika’s empathy isn’t landing. As for the diamond earrings, Erika says she had them in Aspen because they were still hers at that point. Andy says Erika is trying to get the earrings back, and Erika says, “we’re on appeal for legal reasons,” on repeat. Several of the women said they would not keep the earrings.

Kathy joins the reunion, and things clearly aren’t hunky dory. It’s awkward on the reunion set. Like so awkward. Almost unwatchable. Kathy tries to be her lighthearted, silly self, but that persona quickly leaves and is replaced by a shade monster. As for Tequila-gate, Kathy says she wasn’t mad at Lisa for trying Kendall Jenner’s tequila. She notes that Lisa has been very supportive of her own tequila. Kathy says that she was really upset with Kyle because, in her mind, she thought Kyle was going to have a surprise tasting of her tequila at the hat shop, so she got upset when that wasn’t the case.  Kathy explains why she was so upset at the Caribou Club. According to Kathy, she asked the manager to play some music the ladies could dance to, and he denied the request. She offered money to play a few songs, and he told her to go back to LA. Kathy admits this pissed her off and that she wanted to leave ASAP. Kyle says Kathy demanded they leave to which Kathy agrees. Erika says that when she asked Kathy what was wrong, Kathy allegedly said, “the DJ is an old f–king f—-t.” Kathy denies saying that and insists it’s not in her vocabulary. Andy notes that HR investigated this claim and couldn’t find any proof.

Kathy says she will admit to what she’s done but will not be made out to be a monster. Erika stands by her claim that Kathy used a gay slur. Clearly, Erika, or her team, leaked the gay slur rumor to the press after Aspen since she claims she’s the only one who heard Kathy say it. Kathy says she has much more credibility than Erika, who walks around with her designer items purchased with stolen money. Damn.

The conversation evolves into Kathy’s meltdown after the Caribou Club. Lisa talks about Kathy’s meltdown in the sprinter van and at Kyle’s house.  When Andy goes down the list of things Kathy allegedly said, Kathy denies it all. Kathy then accuses Lisa of faking the texts from Kathy that she posted on social media. Andy verifies that the texts from Kathy are real and are still on Lisa’s phone.

When it comes to those press leaks, Erika denies that she or her team had any part in the leak. She notes that her publicist Jack has repped Nicky Hilton for years; Kathy concurs that she doesn’t think Jack played any part. Erika insists she wanted the drama with Kathy to stay in the group and be discussed at the reunion – not on social media. Garcelle notes that everything is on social media now, and Lisa agrees, but Garcelle blames Lisa for most of it since she’s the one constantly posting stuff about the show. Lisa says when she got back from Aspen, she got a call from TMZ asking her about what happened in Aspen. She claims they already knew something went down and wanted the details. Kyle says she wishes it never got out there.

Kathy says she apologized to Kyle and then agreed to also film an apology but says she was blindsided and forced by Kyle to apologize to Lisa. Footage shows Kyle gave Kathy the option of sticking around to talk with Lisa. Kathy could have left if she didn’t want to interact with Lisa.

According to Kathy, Lisa wanted the apology on camera because her contract was coming up for renewal, and she needed the storyline. She then calls Lisa the biggest bully in Hollywood, listing off all of the RHOBH stars Lisa has gone after in the past. Kyle breaks down in tears. Andy notes that perhaps Lisa should never have told Kyle what Kathy said about her as their relationship would intact still. Lisa says she’s backing off so that Kyle and Kathy can mend fences. Too little, too late at this point. Kyle continues to cry and says she doesn’t want to be estranged from her sister again. She also says her niece Paris liking tweets against her really hurt her feelings.

Kyle tries to make up with Kathy, but Kathy is unwilling. Kathy says Kyle is acting like a martyr and says she’s also hurt by what happened. Kathy doesn’t want to discuss this any further with Kyle. Dorit tries to interject to help Kathy and Kyle, but Kyle tells her to stay out of it. Before Kathy exits the reunion stage, she and Kyle awkwardly hug. Kyle says she doesn’t understand why she’s at fault and hints that things may be really done between her and Kathy now.

The group prepares to do their toast, but Kyle confesses to Garcelle that she can’t and leaves the reunion stage. Lisa tells Erika that they are going to get blamed for Kathy and Kyle’s fallout. The ladies toast as Kyle walks away in tears. Dorit goes to find Kyle to comfort her. Dorit believes Kathy and Kyle will reconcile, but Kyle says she knows her sister and that the way they ended things isn’t good for the future of their relationship. Dorit notes that Kathy shouldn’t make Kyle pay for the sins of others.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return for season 13 in 2023.

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