RHOSLC Recap: Weather the Storm

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This week of RHOSLC, the ladies are STILL in Arizona, and the drama is in full swing.

The episode kicks off with a screaming match between Whitney and Heather in full swing. The “Bad Weather” duo are fighting over who heard about the Lisa gossip and when.

Heather insists being called a liar is a big deal, even if it’s over something so petty. This whole fight is being fueled by booze and misconception. It also seems to be brought on by Whitney’s need to stand up for herself, but it isn’t quite going well due to the alcohol.

To add fuel to the fire, Whitney accuses Heather of being white girl wasted at the basketball game where she allegedly overheard the gossip about Lisa. Whitney’s latest allegation further mystifies Heather. She quips, “If I was loaded, then don’t hold me fucking accountable!”

Whitney’s current state of intoxication isn’t helping her current situation with Heather, as she’s not really making any sense. As Whitney attempts to approach Heather to further drive home her point, Heather flicks Whitney away like a little bug and screams that Whitney has lost her forever.

While Lisa was at the center of the fight this week, she’s not involved in the drama yet, like she was last week. She thanks Jen and Heather for being there for her, which is when Heather insists she never had any conversations about Lisa’s “marriage or extramarital affairs.”

Some of the ladies turn in for bed, but the festivities are far from over. Jen brings out a twerk instructor at 2 in the morning, so normal, right?! The ladies aren’t that much into twerking. Can you blame them? Who really wants to twerk at 2 a.m. after hours of fighting?

The next morning, the ladies awake with Heather attempting to put the pieces together from last night’s drama. After emerging from her bed littered with Milk Duds, she picks up ripped-up pieces of paper from the floor. After putting the pieces back together, she realizes it’s the welcome note from Whitney that her cousin seems to have destroyed.  Whitney still feels betrayed by Heather, but before she can reignite their fight from the night before, she heads to visit her half-brother. The Wild Rose founder tells her half-brother about her journey and how she wants to heal.

Back at the house, the rest of the ladies are finally rising from their slumber, even though it’s mid-afternoon. Lisa and Jen have a heart-to-heart where Jen opens up about having to leave early to go to New York to prepare for her upcoming trial.  Jen reveals she had to stop getting Botox so she could emote emotion on the stand. She clarifies that she’s not sure she’ll actually take the stand, but her legal team is preparing for all options. Whitney returns to the group just as all of the ladies are rallying around Jen before sending her off to New York with a group hug.

If that group hug wasn’t shocking enough, Lisa and Meredith embrace for a long hug. The four remaining women head to dinner and deiced to they will say one nice thing they can toast to. The exercise starts out great with the ladies throwing out words like “love,” “peace,” and “friendship,” that is, until we get to Whitney, who tosses out the word: “honesty.”

Obviously, Heather isn’t happy but steps away from the table. This gives the rest of the group a chance to debrief about the night before. Whitney is pissed that Heather didn’t have her back. She’s even more upset that Heather called her a liar, which isn’t really the case. Whitney called Heather a liar after she denied hearing Angie Harrington’s gossip about Lisa.

When Heather returns to the table, Whitney tells her she’s pissed that Heather didn’t confirm her story about hearing the gossip about Lisa from Angie. Heather insists she never heard any story about blowjobs in exchange for courtside basketball seats. The Beauty Lab + Laser founder says that this trip was supposed to be a trip for Jen and slams Whitney for making it all about her. Meredith attempts to play mediator but isn’t successful; however, the arrival of the appetizers is able to put the drama to rest – for now.

Back at their rental house, the ladies gush over Jen’s strength and how she’s handling this entire ordeal. They theorize about the outcome of Jen’s trial and look to Meredith, who has a law degree, for answers.

Jen is the only defendant who hasn’t taken a plea deal and is going to trial. The group admits that they were shocked by Jen’s former BFF and assistant Stuart taking a  plea deal. While discussing plea deals, the ladies wonder if Jen could still take one. Meredith notes that a plea deal often means giving up bigger fish. She also adds that the odds aren’t in Jen’s favor at all.  Yikes.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on Bravo. 

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