RHOBH Recap: Season 12 Reunion Part 2

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There isn’t anything pretty about the mess that is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) season 12 reunion.

Part two of the reunion wraps up Diana’s Zoom appearance at the reunion – thank God. Diana expresses her disgust over Garcelle, calling her “evil.” Garcelle fires back that she only called Diana “evil” after she called Sutton a “c–t” in Aspen. Turns out many of the ladies think being called “evil” is worse than being called a “c–t.” Like reunion host Andy Cohen, many of us were left flabbergasted by the claim as well.

Diana doesn’t believe that anyone in the group would hire bots to attack Jax and insists she’s using all her resources to locate the culprit; however, Garcelle doesn’t seem to care about anything Diana says, especially when it’s concerning her son. All Garcelle wants is for Diana to stop attacking her on social media.

The ladies break for lunch, and Diana’s time at the reunion comes to an end. Erika and Lisa claim that all of the RHOBH kids have been attacked on social media and that the goal of it is to cause friction within the cast. Kyle and Dorit, on the other hand, discuss Crystal’s ever-changing claims about Sutton’s alleged “dark” comment. Clearly, Kyle has some issues with Crystal that bubbling under the surface.

When the ladies regroup on the reunion stage, they discuss Kyle’s new tattoos as she shows them off. The conversation switches to PK and Mauricio’s bromance. This brings up the rumors that Dorit and Mauricio are having an affair. No one believes the ridiculous rumors; however, Erika does have a juicy tidbit to share about PK from years ago when he approached her and her friend and asked if they were in porn. Garcelle dishes about buying her first Birkin and purchasing her beach house. Andy brings up her book and wants to know the deets of her encounter with Bill Cosby. Garcelle says she ran out of the room in the blink of an eye.

Speaking of Garcelle’s book, Lisa admits that it was her, not Erika, who tossed Garcelle’s book in the trash. Lisa says that she was pissed that Garcelle talked about her daughter Amelia’s eating disorder in the book and the fact that she thought Lisa’s Instagram shenanigans contributed to it. Garcelle agreed to remove the excerpt from the second edition of her book.

The ladies bring up their issue with Garcelle getting her son, Oliver, a job at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant in Vegas. The conversation shifts to the death of Lois Rinna and how it affected Lisa throughout the season.

Sutton then takes the hot seat, and we are reminded how almost everyone shits on her all season long. Sure, Sutton sticks her foot in her mouth and takes without thinking, but there doesn’t seem to be malicious intent behind her statements. She admits she regrets comparing her bad day to Dorit being held at gunpoint. Sutton admits it’s her biggest regret and the worst thing she’s said. Kyle then gets called out for getting physical with Sutton on more than one occasion this season. Sutton admits that Kyle’s got quite aggressive with her during the season. Garcelle admits that Sutton does make things about herself which is when Erika chimes in and says that Sutton prevents the rest of the ladies from getting to know Garcelle. Crystal jumps in and defends Sutton and Garcelle from the fox force. She notes that the fox four protect each other way more than Garcelle and Sutton do.

When it comes to Sutton and Lisa’s drama, Sutton admits she never expected her comments about Lisa/Harry and the Elton John Gala on WWHL to blow up the way they did, but still, she wants to know Lisa hates her so much, and continues to attack her on social media. Lisa insists she doesn’t hate Sutton, while Sutton says she will no longer be Lisa’s punching bag. Sutton demands an apology from Lisa, who shockingly agrees and does just that.

Andy then calls out Lisa for her horrible behavior on social media. Andy says Lisa gives him anxiety and that she creates negative attention for the show. Lisa claims she’s working on herself and urges Andy to put her on pause if need be. One post of Lisa’s in which she claims she can’t fight with Garcelle because if she does, she’s racist comes up for discussion. Garcelle calls out Lisa’s microaggressions, and Crystal agrees.

Crystal explain that her issue with Sutton was about how she felt, not how others perceived it. When Kyle butts in, Crystal tells her to stop. She notes that it’s not about how Kyle interpreted the situation. Instead, it’s about Crystal’s truth which she claims Kyle will never understand. Crystal claims Kyle only called it out because she didn’t want to get in trouble with fans. Dorit adds that no one in the cast is racist.

Andy announces that Kathy is in the building. Kyle seems less than thrilled that Kathy will be sitting next to her. Lisa is caught talking to herself, saying that she only had to tell her truth.

Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 reunion airs Wednesday, Oct. 26, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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