RHOSLC Recap: Courtside Conundrum

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This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC Recap) picks up right where we left off last week – at dinner in Scottsdale.

Whitney finally drops the bomb about the abuse she endured during her childhood. She explains how repressed memories are recovered and reveals that this is a generational pattern of abuse in her family. Despite it how difficult it will be, Whitney makes it clear she’s determined to break the cycle. This revelation hits the ladies hard, particularly Heather. The ladies rally around Whitney and commend her for being so brave and open.

Lisa gives Whitney props for being so open, and Whitney admits it seems to be easy for her to be vulnerable around the ladies, unlike some others – Meredith and Lisa. Meredith claims she was vulnerable and open last season; however, she got slapped in the face by Lisa’s tirade. This results in Lisa apologizing to Meredith for the millionth time.

Meredith claims she never trusted Lisa at all, so she did not ever confide in her about anything truly important in her life, which is why Lisa’s tirade was nothing more than made-up lies.

“So, did you make up what you said in the rant?” a producer asks Lisa in her confessional interview, to which she replied, “No.”

Heather inserts herself into the drama by trying to mediate an apology from Lisa to Meredith. Whitney encourages Lisa to explain where her pain is coming from. As the Vida tequila tries to explain herself, she notes, “I’m not going to slit my wrists for anybody.” Meredith has a strong reaction to Lisa’s analogy which is when Jen tells Lisa that Meredith had a relative who attempted suicide. Lisa is horrified, but everyone agrees that Lisa meant no harm with her comment. Whitney even notes that it’s just how Lisa speaks. Ultimately, Meredith thanks Lisa for her apology but says they have a long way to go if they ever hope to be friends again.

The next morning, Jen is being her obnoxious self by waking everyone up with a megaphone. She then spends two hours getting camera ready with her glam squad. Meredith also brought her glam squad on the trip. Thankfully Heather brings some much-needed levity to the situation and jokes that they are getting glam for the cacti.

The ladies head to their private rodeo event, but they are dressed like they are going shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills instead. On their bike trolley, the ladies have some drinks to take the fun to the next level. Whitney spots a pole that resembles a stripper pole, so she climbs up and does her thing. Jen and Heather pour drinks on Whitney as she’s hanging upside down on the trolley. Jen then pours her drink on Lisa and jokes about a wet t-shirt content. The ladies then begin pouring their drinks over each other. Nothing like spending the day all sticky and reeking of booze. Lovely.

After watching the show at the rodeo, the ladies take their shot at riding the horses in their best rodeo outfits. As the ladies change back into their clothes, Whitney tells Meredith she’s being hypocritical about Lisa when she’s been spreading rumors about Lisa, which Meredith denies.

The group arrives back at their rental house to have a Garbage Trash Whore Lingerie Party. Turns out it’s not much of a party, just a bunch of women cooking in their underwear. Whitney seems to have a plan to expose the gossip about Lisa, so she spends the first part of the evening getting her story straight with Jen and Meredith, who she believes knows the most gossip about Lisa. Meredith is aware that something is up with Whitney’s digging, and she finds it odd since Whitney knew more about the rumors concerning Lisa than she did. A flashback pops up, which reveals Whitney saying that Angie Harrington told her [and Heather] that Lisa slept with some for Utah Jazz tickets.

A tipsy Whitney rushes into the house and tells Lisa that Meredith has been spreading rumors about her and her family. “Retaliation is a fucking bitch,” Lisa quips as Whitney reveals the rumor about the Utah Jazz tickets. Lisa is horrified and claims the person they are accusing her of sleeping with is like a father to her.

Heather can’t wrap her head around how anyone would believe that someone would give a blowjob for Utah Jazz tickets. She notes that they aren’t courtside Lakers tickets where at least you’re sitting next to Jack Nicholson – they are Utah Jazz tickets.

There’s a lot of confusion over who said what. Everyone is yelling, drunken accusations are flying, and Lisa feels like she’s getting pummeled after going on one little tirade last year.  Lisa says that John, Jack, and Henry are her life before storming off to her room in a fit of tears. Meredith follows Lisa to try and clean up Whitney’s mess. She recounts what was said about Lisa, even apologizing for the role she played, and is able to calm Lisa down enough to bring her back to the group.

Whitney then insists that she’s been told that Lisa is a whore, but Heather couldn’t care less and make it clear there’s nothing wrong with anyone being a little hoe. Meredith, Whitney, and Heather try to get to the bottom of who said what about Lisa. Whitney accuses Heather of playing dumb, claiming that Angie told them at a Utah Jazz game that Lisa sleeps with so and so for tickets. Heather has no recollection of this, but Whitney insists it’s true.

Heather says she would love to have that little nugget of information on Lisa and says that if she had heard it, she would admit it. Plus, she says she would have also slept with the guy because she loves sitting courtside. Whitney continues to insist Heather is lying. This enrages Heather, who tells Whitney, “Fuck you!”

“I love to be fucked,” Whitney fires back before Jen freaks out because the attention isn’t on her and her pending trial.

End of the episode.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on Bravo. 

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