RHOBH Recap: Season 12 Reunion Part 1!

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Before diving into the recap, I want to apologize for it being late. I had a viewing last night and a funeral this morning, so I was rushing to get this recap done along with the other stories for the day. I didn’t go to bed until 3 am and thought I could get myself up at 7 to finish this recap before I had to leave, but that didn’t happen.

I am so sorry the recap is delayed, and I hope you will forgive me. We greatly appreciated every one of you who read and comment on our posts and recaps. Now onto the recap!

Part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion kicked off with the ladies arriving at the reunion. As the ladies made their way for the set, Lisa Rinna could be seen bringing two Manila envelopes that I can only assume contain her receipts about Kathy Hilton.

The reunion starts with Kyle Richards’ Halloween Ends costar Jamie Lee Curtis making a surprise appearance. Jamie’s appearance is cute, and she’s fabulous, but I want to get to the drama.

Eventually, Jamie exits the reunion, and Andy dives into the good stuff. Andy brings up the harassment Garcelle Beauvais’ son Jax received on social media. Garcelle explains this all happened to Jax during his first week of high school. Along with Jaz receiving threatening messages filled with racial slurs, someone also sent him his mother’s Playboy photos. While I’m happy Andy is addressing this, he quickly made it less about Garcelle and Jax and more about the hate and harassment the entire cast has received online. While discussing this topic, Garcelle makes it clear she believes someone in the cast was behind the attacks on Jax – aka, someone hired those bots to attack her son. She lets it be known she’s hired someone to investigate the attacks.

Next up is Dorit Kemsley’s terrifying home invasion. Dorit reveals she has been diagnosed with PTSD from the event. When asked about all the gossip claiming the robbery was an insurance scam, Dorit brushes it off and said she couldn’t even give that any focus as she attempted to heal. Dorit admits that the robbery affected her marriage in the months following. Andy yawns amid Dorit’s story, which pisses her off since it’s the second year in a row he’s done it. Kyle reveals that the man who broke into her house recently called one of her sisters from jail and said all her jewelry is at his grandmother’s house. She admits she sent him some money to get the items back but hasn’t been successful yet.

The focus of the conversation then shifts to Crystal Minkoff’s eating disorder. Crystal admits that she was hurt seeing Dorit tell the ladies that she throws up daily. They then play the clip of Erika’s nasty comments about Crystal’s eating disorder. For a moment, the attention shifts to Kyle’s nasty attitude towards Sutton Stracke at Garcelle’s birthday party. Kyle blames it on the alcohol.

After a break, they return to discussing Crystal’s relationship with food and her issues with Sutton. The dark thing Sutton allegedly said last season comes back up. While Crystal still won’t reveal what the dark comment was, she admits that after getting to know Sutton, she sees that there was nothing dark about Sutton’s comment. The ladies question why Crystal brought it up this season since she knows Sutton. Seems like Crystal tried to stir the pot, and it blew up in her face. Oddly enough, Lisa calls Crystal out for dropping bombs but not giving the details and forcing everyone to assume the worst about Sutton. Hmm, kinda like she did with Kathy Hilton after Aspen.

Crystal then reveals that she’s lost several friends since joining the show. This confuses Kyle,  who calls Crystal out on the validity of her claim. Crystal is pissed off because she believes she’s being very clear. Apparently, Crystal’s friends didn’t ditch her because of anything she did or said on the show or because she’s changed into some huge diva. They ditched her because she joined the show in general. Strange, but okay.

Diana “no show” Jenkins appears at the reunion via Zoom. She apparently has COVID, but I’m not sure I buy that. Can we kick this newbie to the curb already? She’s just ugh. Andy dives right in and questions Diana about her reported connection to Jeffrey Epstein and the batch of cease and desist letters she recently sent out. Diana claims she never met Jeffrey Epstein. She then claims she didn’t understand what a “black content creator” was and believed it was someone who creates mean content online, not a black person who creates content. Andy brings up Diana donating money to Tom Girardi’s victims. Naturally, Erika praises Diana’s donation even though if anyone else in the cast did that; she’d freak the f–k out. Erika is infatuated with Diana’s money and lifestyle, so she wants to stay on her good side.

Andy addresses the allegations that Diana hired the bots that attacked Garcelle’s son, Jax. One of the posts Jax received warned to “leave Diana alone.” Garcelle made it clear she believed and may still believe that Diana was involved in the attacks on her son. Diana took issue with Jax sharing the threat he received that mentioned her by name and wanted the 14-year-old to take it down. Garcelle wasn’t worried about Diana’s feelings and was more concerned about her son’s wellbeing. Diana claims she and her family received threats from Jax sharing the threat with her name in it. The RHOBH newbie sent a threatening text to Garcelle after she refused to force Jax to remove his post.

“Believe me when I say if anything happens to my children, you will be held legally responsible, and no Bravo contract will stop me,” Diana wrote in her text message before alleging that Garcelle “wanted to solidify me as racist and actually ruin my life.”

“He’s a 14-year-old kid. He gets this horrendous message; he’s not thinking, ‘Let me take out Diana’s name, so she’s not implicated,’” Garcelle clapped back at the reunion. “He put it out there because he was fearful.”

Kyle attempted to interject to explain Diana’s side, but Garcelle wasn’t having any of it. “Are you f–king kidding me?” Garcelle snapped. “Wait a minute, so you want in the middle of me trying to protect my child, I have to then come and save all [of] you? This is outrageous!”
Garcelle and Diana didn’t worth through their issues. Instead, Garcelle told Diana to stop “harassing” her on social media and to “leave me alone.”

Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 reunion airs Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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