Joe Gorga Says He Regrets Not Attending Teresa Giudice Wedding Despite Initially Defending His Reason And Blaming Teresa

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Joe Gorga was recently promoting his comedy show on Fox5 New York when he was questioned on why he wouldn’t go to his only sister’s wedding. The host seemed shocked that Joe would not attend his sister Teresa Giudice’s wedding asking, “What happened? That’s a big event in somebody’s life. That’s your sister. You know?” Joe taken aback responded, “I know. It’s very complicated. We live a crazy life. I adore her. I love her. I am so happy that she met a man that she loves and she’s getting married. I can’t really talk about why because it’s been filmed on Bravo but you are going to see it.” The host wasn’t buying his response and quipped, “so you didn’t go?!” Joe explained, “It was devastating. It wasn’t easy for me.”

The host then brought up a recent podcast episode where Teresa had teased fans will soon realize they’ve been wrong when it comes to Melissa and Joe Gorga’s true intentions. The host tells Joe that Teresa said it’s going to blow viewers minds. Joe Gorga nervously laughs and says he is dying to see it, “Okay, I’m dying to see it. I see it when you see it. I see it a day before. I’m very curious.”

The host adds, “Was there anything that happened in the course of filming that would make it seem like you weren’t who you say you were.”

Joe responds, “nope, never. My heart is big. I love. You can say whatever you want about me but you can never say that I disrespect my family. I love you. I will respect you. You can beat me as much as you want and I’ll still take it from my sister, my mother, my father. I am not worried about anything that’s going to air or anything that’s out there because I have done the right thing.”

You can watch the full interview below:

Joe Gorga initially opened up on why he didn’t attend Teresa’s wedding a few months ago blaming Teresa saying, “Let’s go back to the reunion. She did this. This was all on her. This is what she really wanted. She didn’t want [Melissa] in the wedding. She didn’t want any of my children in the wedding. She barely wanted me. I was asked after all this information went out to be in the wedding, and that’s what saddens me. And I knew that. And when I left that reunion, I looked at my wife, and I was like, ‘Wow, she hates us. I’ve never seen her like this.’ I said, ‘It’s terrible,’” Joe explained.

To further justify, the Gorgas initially had claimed that they cover things up for Teresa and Louie all the time and that they’ve done it for years in order to protect their family.

“We covered up everything,” Joe revealed to which Melissa Gorga added: “We covered up a lot of things. A lot of things we know, and now I’m sitting back, I’m not going to lie, second-guessing, like, ‘Why? Why did we cover up for her?”

Joe replied, “Because we’re good people. And we don’t wanna hurt nobody. I don’t wanna hurt my sister. I don’t wanna bring her down. I don’t wanna bring Luis down. I’m not here to bring anyone down, but they’re, on the other hand, everyone’s looking to bring us down.”

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