RHOP Recap: Spring Awakening

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The ladies of Potomac are back in action!

Shady Sundays are officially back with the season 7 premiere of the Real Housewives of Potomac.

The season 7 premiere kicked off with Gizelle, Karen, Robyn, and Ashley having a picnic under the cherry blossoms to catch up on each other’s lives. The ladies, besides Karen, seem to be skeptical about Mia’s recent cancer scare. They question if she’s really sick or just doing this all for attention. Karen thinks the way Mia put it out there is odd but is supporting her until she knows the truth. The spotlight then turns to the news that Ashley is divorcing Michael. She explains that she has to be separated for a year before divorcing. As for why Ashley and Michael’s marriage is over, the mom of two explains that she and Michael are on different pages in life. Ashley explains that she’s stopped drinking, and she and Michael are no longer having sex. Plus, Michael wants to continue having an open marriage and engaging in threesomes while she doesn’t. Despite their divorce, they are planning on buying a house together, which further confuses the ladies. Before wrapping up their lunch, Karen announces that she’s throwing a Spring Into Spring party.

Meanwhile, across town, Candiace and Chris go to a doctor’s appointment so Candiace can begin the egg-freezing process since, right now, she’s too busy with her budding singing career to have a baby. Chris and Candiace’s marriage doesn’t seem to be in the best place, as Candiace isn’t happy with Chris’ current work schedule and doesn’t think it’s conducive to having a family.

Charrisse is back in the mix. The OG Potomac Housewife met up with her longtime friend Robyn for dinner. Robyn catches Charrisse up on the gossip within the group. Charrisse peppers Robyn about when she’s going to marry Juan. Robyn flips the script and makes it clear that she wants a prenup since she’s now the breadwinner of the family. She says that if things don’t work out between her and Juan this time around, she doesn’t want Juan to get half of her fortune since he didn’t help build her current fortune.

Mia, on the other hand, has moved to Potomac. She and G are renting a mega-mansion for $10k a month. They have also done $65k worth of renovations to the home – that they don’t own. Mia’s new neighbors Karen and Ray head over for a small little gathering. There Karen reveals she recently got a breast lift.

Bravo fans then get a blast from the past when Wendy meets with Peter Thomas, who happens to be the ex-husband of RHOA alum Cynthia Bailey. Peter and Wendy are planning to go into business together. Has Wendy ever watched RHOA? Like going into business with Peter isn’t the best idea, remember Bar One? The Professor turned entrepreneur wants to open a Nigerian lounge. According to Peter, Wendy needs to invest 20%, which equals $400k, before noting that she won’t see a return for at least two years. Eddie doesn’t think it’s a good idea. I think Bravo fans would agree.

Ashley meets with her mom and uncle for dinner, where they question her about her divorce from Michael. Ashley’s uncle says she needs to get a lawyer and protect her financial future because she can’t live the rest of her life with Michael pulling the strings. Ashley, who makes it clear she just started the separation/divorce process, seems frustrated but also seems to understand her family’s concerns. Apparently, Ashley doesn’t know how much money she would need to live comfortably as she currently doesn’t pay any bills. Yikes. Get a lawyer, Ashley – a good one.

Gizelle’s new house is FINALLY finished, and it no longer looks like a mismatched mess. I think she still should have knocked it to the ground and started fresh, but c’est la vie. Gizelle is trying to pick out an outfit for Karen’s party. Her twin daughters shade Gizelle over her fashion but let it known that they have spent the time to give their mom’s closet a much-needed makeover.

At Karen’s Spring into Spring party, fans get their first introduction to RHOP newbie Jacqueline Blake. Gizelle and Karen question Ashley over her divorce from Michael as they think there’s something fishy about the split. They question if it’s a real split or not. Ashley insists it is but notes that it’s complicated. She also reveals that they found a house to buy, which further confuses the ladies. Ashley then tells the ladies her coochie has been craving sex with Michael but insists she hasn’t acted on it. Girl, get a vibrator; that has to be a better option than sleeping with Michael.

Gizelle gives Wendy the cold shoulder when she arrives at Karen’s party. According to Gizelle, she has no interest in interacting with Wendy after last season when she went after her family. Mia arrives at the party and is bombarded with questions about her health scare and the fact that she changed her posts about her health issues. Gizelle asks: “So this is what cancer, no cancer looks like?” Mia isn’t having any of it and makes it clear she was simply giving updates on her health as she received them. Apparently, Mia doesn’t know all the details about her health issues, as doctors are still running tests to figure things out. Mia is just about to freak out on Gizelle, but we have to wait until next week for that to play out.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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