RHOSLC Recap: Searching for Sereni-tea

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The Salt Lake City Housewives are back for another episode.

This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC Recap) starts with Meredith stopping by Whitney’s house for a gossip session. Whitney admits that it’s weird to have Meredith over at her house since she’s never wanted to hang out with her one on one before. She chalks it up to Meredith wanting to bond with her over their mutual dislike of Lisa. The interaction between Whitney and Meredith is so awkward. It’s clear these two are naturally drawn to each other, and if they weren’t on the show together, they would never interact with each other.

Both claim they have heard gossip that Lisa has slept with rich men to get them to invest in her Vida Tequila business. Hmmm…that scandalous, especially in Salt Lake City. Later on, Whitney is at home with her husband Justin when she reveals that her brother Will confirms that she was, in fact, abused as a child. Whitney admits she doesn’t remember much from her childhood, but through therapy, the memories are coming back, and Will just confirmed her biggest fear. Thankfully, Whitney has Justin to lean on. He confirms that he still loves her after she voices concern that he won’t love her anymore because of this news.

Meanwhile, at Jen’s house, she invites her mom over for a chat and a Keto-friendly charcuterie board. The two discuss Jen’s upcoming trial and the current prep Jen is going through with her attorneys. Jen admits that her sons are not handling her legal issues well. Coach Shah found their youngest son Omar crying over his mom’s legal issues. Jen says that her family is the only thing getting her through this ordeal. She admits she’s contemplated suicide, but her family is what’s keeping her alive. Jen cries about the hate and abuse she’s received on social media.

At Lisa’s house, she’s dealing with her son’s teenage angst. Lisa’s oldest son Jack doesn’t know if he wants to go to college. This baffles Lisa as Jack has always been a leader and a straight-A student. The two shoot some hoops while chatting. Jack doesn’t think college is necessary because he’s already a business owner, but Lisa reminds him that the company is bankrolled by mommy and daddy. However, this doesn’t sway Jack at all.

The ladies then head off to Arizona. Whitney and Lisa leave on an earlier flight, probably to avoid the possible drama that could start the trip off on the wrong foot. They arrive at their vacation rental, which they dub Barbie’s dreamhouse from the 80s. Whitney confides in Lisa that memories of her childhood trauma are returning. Instead of offering Whitney support, Lisa talks about her own childhood. Lisa then moves on and talks about her favorite topic: Meredith. According to Lisa, she believes Meredith is cutting her out of her life.

The rest of the group arrives in Arizona. Things are awkward and cold as ice between Meredith and Lisa. Jen breaks down in tears when Whitney tells her this trip is a way to support her amid all her legal woes. Whitney gives out the room assignments, and surprise, surprise Jen gets that master bedroom because she’s probably going to prison.

Then it’s time for some gossip. Whitney gives Heather the 411 on the gossip she and Meredith heard about Lisa. Heather gets giddy hearing the news and starts peppering Whitney with questions.

The ladies start their healing session, but Meredith is missing in action. Meredith eventually arrives at the ceremony after talking with her husband on the phone. She claims she’s not ready to share and doesn’t feel safe in the group, but the same can’t be said for Jen, who breaks down. Jen worries about missing out on moments in her son’s life if she goes to prison. When Lisa admits she thought this would be a safe space for Meredith, the jewelry designer reiterates that it’s not. This causes Lisa to storm off into the house. Heather goes inside to bring Lisa back to join the ladies for dinner.

During dinner, Meredith asks the ladies to tell her what they each want to release during the healing session. Jen confesses that she wants to release the fear of going to trial. She also reveals that she recently learned new information about her legal battle and went to her father’s grave at 3 a.m. for support and guidance.

The episode ends as Whitney prepares to tell the group about the new information she uncovered about her childhood.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on Bravo. 

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