RHOBH Recap: Not My Sister’s Keeper

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 finale kicks off with Garcelle Beauvais throwing a Birkin & Bubbles party.

Kyle Richards is also in the trenches preparing to throw her party – a black tie event for the Grace Kelly Foundation. So many parties, so little time.

The ladies start showing up at Garcelle’s Birkin & Bubbles party with their favorite Hermes bag in toe. Kyle and Sutton immediately start getting into a silly fake fight over a green Birkin bag. Kyle then notices Lisa is at the party and hopes she has accepted Kathy’s apology so the group can move on from the Aspen drama.

Oddly enough, Kathy’s butler Patrick and Sutton’s assistant start talking about their dating lives and quickly realize they aren’t a match made in heaven. The ladies then encourage Garcelle to splurge and get her first Birkin, which she does.

Kyle gives Garcelle a quick debrief on Kathy’s meltdown in Aspen. She explains that Kathy apologized to her to Lisa but notes that Lisa told Kathy she needs to get professional help. Garcelle is shocked but understands Kyle’s need to sweep the drama with Kathy under the rug for her family. A flashback of Kyle’s past drama with Kathy plays on the screen. In her confessional, Kyle admits that she doesn’t want to lose her relationship with Kathy because it also means losing her relationship with Kathy’s kids.

Lisa told the group that the sit-down with Kathy was a good thing. The Rinna Beauty founder then questions the ladies about what they know concerning Kathy’s meltdown and then tells them she was so scared she locked herself in her bedroom. Kyle wants Lisa to accept Kathy’s apology and move on. She notes that Lisa can be like a dog without a bone. Kyle then tells Lisa she wants to move on and feels like Lisa is putting her in an awkward situation. Lisa then reiterates that she wants Kathy to get the help she needs, but Kyle thinks Lisa is just taunting Kathy at this point.

She is moving on to Kyle’s black tie party. We see the ladies getting glammed and looking FABULOUS. On the drive to Kyle’s house, Lisa tells Erika that Kathy’s meltdown story is everywhere in the press. Lisa claims her publicist told her that Kathy’s lawyers are trying to kill the reports and are sending cease and desist letters to everyone. Despite Kathy’s efforts, Lisa insists she won’t be silenced while claiming she’s still shaken over what she witnessed go down in Aspen.

At the party, Kyle then tells Crystal that she is upset that Kathy’s meltdown keeps being brought up in the group and the press. She questions who leaked it and why Lisa and Erika are intent on bringing up Kathy’s breakdown. She notes no one in this group is an angel while admitting that Kathy was an asshole during her meltdown in Aspen but that she shouldn’t be crucified for it. Kyle thinks if Erika and Lisa cared about her, they would stop talking about Kathy’s meltdown and move on.

The RHOBH OG then chats with Garcelle during dinner and asks if she’s talked to Kathy. Garcelle says they spoke today and that Kathy is distraught, especially with all the stories coming out in the press. She points out that if Erika and Lisa cared about Kyle, they would drop talking bout Kathy’s meltdown in Aspen. Garcelle believes they are doing it to take the attention off Erika because now, all of a sudden, nobody is talking about Erika’s legal drama. Garcelle says she’s intent on getting to the bottom of this.

Garcelle questions why Kathy apologized to Lisa, and Lisa says that she never wanted or expected an apology from Kathy. However, Garcelle questions if that’s true, why aren’t Lisa and Erika dropping it? Lisa doesn’t like Garcelle’s tone, and it seems Erika doesn’t either. Garcelle tells the group her theory about Lisa and Erika gunning for Kathy to take the heat off Erika. Lisa says it’s not anyone in the group’s fault but Kathy’s. Kyle says she wants it dropped for the sake of her daughter’s upcoming wedding. Lisa says she can’t sweep it under the rug because if she does, she will get cancer and die. After all, it’s ugly and would ruin people’s lives. Lisa says none of the ladies have any idea about what happened at the house, and Lisa notes that she’s NEVER told anyone what happened at the house for the sake of Kyle.

Erika says she’s been called out for a year and admits that’s why she wants Kathy to be called out. Kyle says that Erika is punishing her, and Erika says no, Kathy is, and Lisa chimes in, in agreement. Kyle then tells Dorit that someone in the group is leaking all the Kathy drama to the press, and in her confessional, Kyle says she knows who it is. Sutton then goes to Lisa and Erika and asks them if they leaked anything to the press about Kathy. Erika says she would have no clue how to do that, and Kyle calls her out, saying her publicist did it. Kathy’s lawyers launched an investigation amid all the articles and found out who leaked the stories. Erika thinks Kyle is flipping the script onto her because she fears Kathy. Kyle says someone was texting a play-by-play from Erika’s hair extension party to the media. Erika and Lisa, who are talking in sync, say it hasn’t been out there, so that’s not true, but Kyle notes that stories get squashed all the time.

The Pretty Mess singer insists that Kathy isn’t famous enough to take any of the heat off of her and Tom’s legal drama. Dorit tells Kyle to drop talking about this on camera for the sake of her family. As Erika and Lisa leave, Kyle tells them to stop talking about the Kathy drama and let it be, which pisses both ladies off, and they leave angry. Kyle says if she has to choose between her family and friends – she will choose her blood. Erika and Lisa said they knew the group would try to pin this on them.

Next is the reunion, which will be one hell of a ride. Buckle up!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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