RHOBH Recap: Silence is Golden

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Silence may be golden, but Lisa Rinna’s loose lips can’t seem to stay shut.

Wednesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kicked off with Bravo reminding us of everything that went down in Aspen to set off Kathy.

It seems that Kathy’s whole meltdown was sparked by Lisa ordering Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila and the fact that her sister Kyle did nothing about it. I mean, is Kyle supposed to control what other people drink? Would Kathy have reacted the same way if Lisa ordered Casamigos or Patron?

Then Dorit calls Kyle, who is away filming the new Halloween movie, to give her the scoop on what went down at Crystal’s birthday party. Dorit tells her that Lisa left the party early because she couldn’t be around Kathy following her meltdown in Aspen. Kyle says that Kathy’s outburst was aimed mostly at her but that she did say some nasty things about the other ladies in the group. Turns out Lisa didn’t give Kyle all the dirty details to spare her feelings which Kyle appreciates, noting that she doesn’t want to know things she and Kathy’s relationship can’t come back from. Yikes.

Next up, Erika goes to therapy. She talks about how angry she is at Tom and admits Tom has a mean side. The Pretty Mess singer questions whether Tom’s crimes are a result of him getting caught up in trying to live the Beverly Hills lifestyle or if he truly was an evil man with a master plan to scam victims from the start.

Erika later throws a launch party for her hair extension line. The press at the event asks Erika about the drama in Aspen, to which Erika replies it’s not all Hunky Dory. In her confessional, Erika admits it’s a juicy story that everyone wants to know if Kathy really screamed at the DJ and club manager, yelled in Kyle’s face, and was rude to the coat check person.

The ladies all arrive at the party. Elton John calls Diana via Facetime; meanwhile, Kathy calls Dorit and tells her she remembers everything that happened in Aspen and that she knows her behavior was uncalled for. Lisa says that Kathy texted her, begging her to stay silent about her meltdown. The texts pop up on the screen to back up Lisa’s claims. The conversation moves to Kathy’s interview with Entertainment Tonight and how she lied during the interview. The ladies note that the Caribou Club was packed, which is how the news about Kathy’s freakout wound up in the tabloids so fast.

Keeping on the topic of Kathy, the group then confirms that Kathy was set off when the DJ at the club wouldn’t play Billie Jean. Crystal notes that Kathy should have known asking to play Michael Jackson is problematic, considering the allegations about him. Meanwhile, Sheree added that Kathy was agitated outside at the hat shopping party in Aspen, so much so that she was shaking.

Lisa then drops the bombshell that Kathy bashed many of the women in the group during her rant but points out that her anger was really focused on Kyle. According to Lisa, she and Garcelle made out the best in Kathy’s meltdown. Lisa insisted she couldn’t go into detail about what Kathy said, but she did just that in her confessional. The Rinna Beauty founder claims that Kathy called Sutton and Crystal “pieces of shit” who “should be fired.” She also claims Kathy said Dorit was “a stupid, useless idiot.” To add fuel to the fire, Lisa claims that Kathy said she doesn’t understand why she has to be around the ladies, that RHOBH is her show and that she’s protected by Bravo and NBC and that she will ruin Kyle.

Lisa also claims that Kathy is jealous of the Kardashians, which is why she freaked out over her ordering Kendall’s tequila.

Finally, Kathy and Kyle have a sitdown to discuss what went down in Aspen. Kathy starts to apologize for everything she said about Kyle back at the house and blames it on a mix of “anger, wine, altitude, tired, angry, stupid.” Kyle breaks down while questioning if Kathy hates her. Kathy then flips the script and says that she and Kyle never get to spend time alone. She also says that Kyle pokes fun at her all the time to which Kyle points out that Kathy is the one who always takes jokes too far. Then Kyle notes that she’s busy and is trying to make time for HER family. Kyle adds that if someone hurts her, even blood, she has to keep them at arm’s length. The two go back and forth on their issues with communication and being there for each other. Kathy then says she’s very proud of Kyle. The two cry and hug it out, but it seems like they are just sweeping it under the rug.

Meanwhile, Sutton and Erika have a sitdown of their own. Erika comes to Sutton’s house for chicken, biscuits, and champagne. Sutton begs Erika to stop lashing out at everyone and notes that the word “victim” is triggering for Erika. Sutton encourages Erika to have compassion for the victims. Erika, on the other hand, says she would like people to have compassion for her as well.

Back at Kyle’s house, Kathy has decided to stick around and chat with Lisa, who is stopping by. Kathy apologizes to Lisa, who suggests Kathy get some help for anger issues. Kathy fires back that Lisa can be unkind as well. She then breaks down in tears revealing that she’s going through a lot and that one of her dear friends is dying of cancer. Neither Lisa nor Kyle seem to be buying Kathy’s tears. Kathy says Lisa should show some compassion. However, Lisa isn’t letting Kathy off the hook.

Lisa asks Kathy if she remembers her locking herself in her room because of Kathy’s psychotic break, but Kathy doesn’t remember it. Lisa then tells Kathy she should figure out why she has a black heart full of hate. Kathy decides to leave at that point. Lisa then tells Kyle that nothing will change unless Kathy gets professional help.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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