Andy Cohen Questions Marlo Hampton About Sending her Two Nephews Away for a Month; Notes How It Did Not Go Down Well With Viewers

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Marlo Hampton was in the hot seat during part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14 reunion.

Reunion host Andy Cohen questioned Marlo about sending her two nephews, Michael and William, away for a month.

As viewers may recall, Marlo sent her two nephews away to her sister’s house, their other Aunt, for 30 days. Marlo hasn’t heard from the boys’ mom and has been caring for them for the past three years.

“I wanna talk about your decision to send Michael and William away for a month because we got a lot of viewer feedback; it was really negative. I respect that you were possibly protecting them and you from yourself and bad impulses that you might have,” Andy told Marlo.

Marlo replied that her decision was about her nephews and doing what she believed was in their best interest.

“It was about them. You know, I think when I say I kicked him out, that’s awful. Me and the way I say things and deliver the message, but I wanted to say is I need a reset button,” she explained.

Marlo attempted to explain that she’s used to just being the fun mom/auntie and felt that she was losing control over taking care of Michael and William as well as her home. Out of fear over what she could potentially do to her nephews, she believed it would be best to send them away and reset herself in order to take better care of them.

“Andy, I’m used to being a fabulous Muntie. You call me; you get spoiled,  you get pizza if you need me…” Marlo replied as Andy interjected: “But that doesn’t work.”

The RHOA star agreed, “Oh no, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. It doesn’t work if they stay there and I beat them, or if I freak out like my mom, so I was worried like you need to get yourself out of control because you don’t have control of your house. I went into this thinking, ‘I got this right away,’ but I needed to reset.”

The WWHL host noted that he could never see Marlo hurting her nephews, especially after hearing all about the abuse she endured as a child.

“But on the other hand, hearing your backstory and hearing the hurt, it really moves me hearing about what you went through. I mean, it’s really really moving more so now as a parent just to even think about. It doesn’t land to me that then you could be doing to the boys what you went through, which I know would be the last thing that you would want them to feel that they aren’t wanted,” Andy explained.

During part one of the season 14 reunion, Marlo tearfully detailed her childhood in foster care after escaping her abusive home life at the age of ten.

Marlo fled her home at ten after her mother had “beat me so bad.”

“I went in the bathroom, and I bathed my little brother, and I told him ‘I’ll be back,'” Marlo detailed. “And he was even mad with me for years because he felt I never came back for him, but I was 10. I knew I was just tired of being beat.”

After that, Marlo lived in five different foster homes until she aged out of the foster care system at the age of 18.

Fellow RHOA star Kandi Burruss agreed with Andy Cohen’s comments. Kandi explained that Marlo has given Michael and William a wonderful life, so it was confusing and shocking to learn that she sent them away.

“As we were listening to your story earlier and you were telling us about the last home that you went to through foster care that was so beautiful, and you had so much fun – you really loved it, and you thought that was your place.  Then she told you had to go, and that’s when you really felt you started acting out because of that,” Kandi said. “That’s even more reason why I feel like you wouldn’t have sent them away because you really made your home their place. You gave them the beautiful room, and you take them to wonderful places, you take them out to eat, put them in the best schools – tutors. You’re giving them everything that you wanted, and so it just seems like it’s shocking.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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