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Diana Jenkins’ Fiancé Asher Monroe Likes Several Negative Comments About her on Twitter

Trouble in paradise?

Diana Jenkins’ fiancé Asher Monroe was caught on Twitter liking several negative comments about her, according to screengrabs shared by the Twitter account Mad Beefs.

One of the negative tweets liked by Asher read: “Diana Jenkins is a horrible person inside and out and the only reason Asher was even on the show was to promote himself … I bet she even paid for it!”

Another negative tweet read, “Donating your money to charities is nice, but it does not make you a good person,”

A third tweet said: “Diana is boring.”

While Asher’s likes turned heads, a source tells Page Six that the musician/actor wasn’t the one liking the negative tweets about Diana. It turns out Asher’s social media manager from London was the one liking tweets on his behalf. Still, it’s unclear why the social media manager would like negative tweets about Diana.

The source insists that Diana and Asher are “madly in love” and that there is “absolutely no trouble in paradise.”

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