RHOBH Recap: Rocky Mountain Bye

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The fallout from last week’s drama between Erika Jayne and her fellow Beverly Hills Housewives played out on Wednesday’s all-new episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The episode started with an emotional Kyle Richards telling Lisa Rinna how upset she was about her fight with Erika and the fact that she left her house after their emotional argument the night before. Turns out that after Rinna and Dorit Kemsley got Erika back to Kyle’s after her epic meltdown, Dorit helped Erika pack all stuff and flee to Diana’s hotel suite, where Dorit was also staying.

The day finally starts with Rinna and Kyle trying to help Kathy navigate the icy streets of Aspen as they head to the downtown area. Sutton, Garcelle, and Crystal grab lattes and croissants and are eventually joined by Rinna and Kyle, who have somehow lost Kathy after she wandered off. Kyle tells the ladies that Erika fled her vacation home to stay with Diana and they are shocked.

On the other hand, Erika, Diana, and Dorit go shopping in a very expensive and exclusive shop for skiing apparel. Erika makes it clear she doesn’t want to be around the other ladies. She says she will fly home commercial if she has to in order to avoid the group. Erika makes it clear she has no intention of attending Kyle’s private shopping party later that day. She also celebrates her legal victory after she was dismissed from the Illinois fraud and embezzlement lawsuit against Tom Girardi.  Oh, yeah, she’s also wearing those million-dollar diamond earrings and is bragging about it.

The other ladies also discuss Erika’s legal news. Crystal notes that this isn’t a legal victory for Erika as the lawsuit isn’t going away; it’s just being re-filed in California. That point doesn’t seem to matter to Erika and some of the other ladies.

The group, minus Erika, Diana, and Dorit, head to Kyle’s cowboy hat shopping party at Kemo Sabe. Things go from fun to odd in the blink of an eye. Kathy somehow got the bar at Kemo Sabe to stock her tequila. She mentions this to Rinna, who then heads to the bar and orders a shot of Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila. This move pisses Kathy off. Kathy has a low-key meltdown and gets pissed at Kyle for some reason when Kyle was on the other side of the bar when Rinna and Kathy’s exchange occurred. Kathy gets so angry that she leaves and heads back to Kyle’s house. Kyle then gets a call from Dorit, who tells her she’s not coming since she’s having pizza and drinks with Diana and Erika. Kyle is pissed with Dorit for missing her hat party and hangs up on her mid-call.

Rinna then heads over to where Diana, Erika, and Dorit are to try and place peacemaker. She then reports back to Kyle, who is even more upset that the ladies skipped her party for pizza. As the ladies get ready for their last night out in Aspen, Dorit heads to Kyle’s house to patch things up. Kyle is crying and still upset. Dorit tries to tell her that Erika was upset and needed her, but Kyle doesn’t care and screams at Dorit. Rinna asks the ladies to put a pin in their drama as they have to leave for dinner. Mauricio enters the convo and asks Kyle and Dorit to hug it out because they love each other, and their friendship is too important to throw away.

The group heads to dinner minus Kyle, who needed some extra time to compose herself. Erika and Kyle eventually talk it out, but their fight continues to go in circles as Erika can’t seem to see Kyle’s point. Eventually, they hug it out and put the fight behind them. Garcelle notes that Erika is quick to mend her issues with Kyle but is still holding on to her issues with Sutton. Double standard much?!

Crystal then decides to stir the pot by questioning why she’s an asshole whenever she brings up Erika’s legal issues and lack of sympathy for Tom’s alleged victims. Erika fires back that she’s been nothing but there for Crystal since she joined the group, and she and Rinna don’t understand why Crystal isn’t doing the same for Erika. I guess blind loyalty is a must in this group, right?!

Anyway, the group heads to the private Caribou Club that Kyle is a member of. Kathy is concerned that she won’t get in because she’s underdressed. Hours later, Rinna sends texts to Erika that she was in the sprinter van with Kathy as she had a full-on meltdown. Rinna says Kathy was crying, screaming, and saying nasty things about Kyle. She was so scared she locked herself in her room at Kyle’s Aspen house.

To be continued…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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