REPORT: Kyle Richards Reportedly Took the Heat for Kathy Hilton’s Alleged Aspen Freakout at RHOBH Reunion Plus More Season 12 Reunion Tea!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast filmed the season 12 reunion on Friday, September 9, and now we are getting some reports about what allegedly went down at the reunion taping.

According to the Instagram page Your Moms Are Watching, the major drama at the reunion was allegedly between Kyle Richards and her sister Kathy Hilton.

Kathy reportedly blames Kyle for everything that went down in Aspen, and the RHOBH OG reportedly accepted the blame for it all.

“The biggest drama is between KH and Kyle. KH blames Kyle for everything that happened in Aspen. Kyle did not fight back very much. She took a lot of abuse,” the report revealed.

As for why Kyle “took the blame for all the drama in Aspen,” the source says it is “because she is getting heat from her nieces and nephews.”

The source elaborates: “They do not want [Kyle] calling out Aunt Kathy for anything. Also, Kyle’s daughter is getting married this year, and Kyle doesn’t want to wrack the wedding with family drama. This is all alleged.”

Another source tells Bravo Super Fan on Twitter that “Kyle took all the manufactured (created by editing) heat so that Kathy could be sympathetic – rather than the out-of-touch rich lady who used a slur. “

“So, Kyle gets all the heat and is accused of not having Kathy’s back, being mean about the tequila, even though those scenes were clearly pieced together to make Kathy seem sympathetic. Kyle is taking it and playing along to save her sister. But ya’ll aren’t ready for that convo,” the second source noted.

Meanwhile, Your Moms Are Watching also reports that Erika Jayne “brings up the homophobic slur” that Kathy allegedly made, which is allegedly the “most dramatic moment of the reunion.”

Erika says, “Kathy, you called the DJ an old effin f*g*ot” however, the source notes that this “will likely get edited out.”

“KH denied saying it. KH flatly denies everything from Aspen,” the source explains before adding that Bravo showed the ladies “clips from the last three episodes” of season 12 at the reunion; however, “nobody has seen the last three episodes in totality.”

If fans are curious why Garcelle Beauvais isn’t holding Kathy to the flame for her allegedly comments, the source explains, “The reason Garcelle does not hold [Kathy] to task for anything she may have said during her alleged meltdown in Aspen is because Garcelle was not at the Caribou Club when that happened. No cameras [are] allowed in the club, so it was not filmed.”

The source adds: “All we have is Erika’s word – and the bizarre and long-reaching cover-up by Kathy’s team when she left Aspen and hid out for two months.”

When it comes to Lisa Rinna, she reportedly “brings up the text [Kathy] sent her that said please do not mention [my rant about Kyle] and [Kathy] denies sending it. Andy asks for Rinna’s phone, and Rinna gives it to him, and there is the text [Kathy] sent.”

Overall, “the reunion, on the whole, was not very eventful. There were no walkouts, security was not called, and some conflicts were actually resolved.”

To conclude, Patrick Somers was NOT at the reunion, nor was he brought up.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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