Kyle Richards Explains Why She Called Out Garcelle and Sutton Unfollowing Erika on Instagram While Crystal Calls Sutton and Garcelle ‘Petty’ and Erika Likens Their Behavior to Teenagers

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The drama on last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got intense. Who knew an Ouji board could lead to so much drama?!?!

Kyle stirred the pot by questioning why Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke unfollowed Erika Jayne on Instagram. The question set off a chain reaction of drama that ended with tears and more turmoil than ever.

On the August 31 episode of the RHOBH After Show, Kyle explained why she chose to bring up the social media drama between Erika, Garcelle, and Sutton while playing with the Ouji board in Aspen.

“I wasn’t gonna flat out as her, so I thought, why not ask the Ouji board? Let the Ouji board be the b-tch,” Kyle explained.

Kyle insisted that Garcelle unfollowing Erika on Instagram was a major deal and sent a message no matter how you spin it.

“I don’t care how old you are. If you are arguing with somebody and you unfollow them on Instagram, you are sending them a message. And when you’re in the public eye, you’re not just sending a message to that person. You’re sending a message to the people that follow you because they notice everything,” Kyle said.

Garcelle then revealed that, looking back, she regrets the move, saying she had no idea it would cause so much drama.

“[Erika] pissed me off. And I didn’t realize it was gonna be breaking news all over the place. I would’ve muted her, but I didn’t know how to mute then,” she explained.

The Pretty Mess singer acknowledges that she doesn’t think Garcelle knew the move would garner so much attention on and off the show.  She also likened Garcelle and Sutton’s actions on social media to that of high school teens.

“Garcelle was kind of shocked at what a big deal others made about it. I could care less. Follow me, unfollow me, whatever,” Erika said before adding, “They did it together. It was very teenage, like high school. ‘I’m unfollowing her.’ ‘Well, me too.’ Okay, great.”

Garcelle disagrees with Erika’s viewpoint and insists that Sutton’s decision to also unfollow Erika is “what friends do.”

“That’s what friends do. ‘Do you like her?’ ‘No, I don’t like her.’ ‘Okay, I won’t like her too.’ Maybe it was a little childish, but I thought it was fun. It was not supposed to be a big deal,” Garcelle said, adding that she and Sutton “thought it was funny.”

“I didn’t know even if Erika was following me. Why would someone who said, ‘I hate you.’ follow me? I don’t get it,” Sutton added. “So I was like, ‘Okay, I’m unfollowing her too.’ Well, apparently, that became a big deal. I was like, ‘For the love of God, I’ll follow her. If it’s that big of a deal, I wanna see her leaning over in her thong one more time. Okay.”

Meanwhile, Crystal Kung-Minkoff chimed in on the drama and called Sutton and Garcelle’s social media antics “petty.”

“They’re at the age of like, the social media thing is like very new. I just laugh at them, like, it’s like my mom… embarrassing,” she said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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