Patrick Somers Alleges That One or Two RHOBH Stars May Have Hired His Company to Have Bots Attack Garcelle Beauvais’ Son

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Patrick Somers strikes again. Remember the man who was accused of being paid $27k by Kathy Hilton to harass and plant negative stories about Lisa Rinna? You know, that dude who leaked DMs from Rinna? Then claimed he was working with the actress to secure her storyline for season 13 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; yes, that guy, well, he’s back.

Somers is now claiming that he was involved in the recent social media attacks on Garcelle Beauvais’ son, Jax.

To start, Somers released a statement that read:

Dear viewers

I would like to start off by sending apologies to those affected by our engagement boost to RHOBR star Garcelle Beauvais’s son. I take our social media operations seriously as it’s one of our leading services. However. we clearly missed the mark on this one. We are partnered with a 3rd party offshore service provider for comments. likes followers. and engagement. I can’t speak on the direct nature of what services we were hired to provide, but I am working directly with our vendor to cancel our request. Any racially motivated content I take very seriously and will investigate. 

Thank you for your continued support.

He then clarified that Garcelle did NOT hire his company to “boost engagement.” Somers admitted his company was “responsible” for “sending negative bots” to harass Garcelle’s son but insists “none to my knowledge were ordered to be racist.”

Somers claimed that the order for the bot comments was placed by Lisa Rinna’s publicist Jill. This is all alleged. He also hinted that Diana Jenkins may or may not also allegedly be involved in the hiring of bots to harass Garcelle’s son.

“Garcelle did not hire my firm to boost engagement,” Somers clarified. ” Yes, We are responsible for sending negative bots, but none to my knowledge we’re ordered to be racist. That’s why I’m looking into our partnership with our overseas center. Negative and racist are two very different things.”

He continued, “The order was placed through Lisa’s publicist (Jill). Lisa previously had an account with us but closed it 2 months ago. We provided Lisa with followers, comments, likes, and views. If you look at her Instagram, our services created an algorithm. That’s why on some posts, she would receive 4k likes with [a] following of 3 million. She didn’t pay for actual AI engagement.”

“I can’t confirm if Diana had her order placed through Jill because I don’t know. And no, no legal action can be taken for disclosing this information. I have 2 attorneys that advise me, and, technically, we have only been compensated for half, which voids our fully executed disclosures. Why she had not paid the other half? No clue. Now let me enjoy my extremely nice life in peace,” Somers added.

Somers added

Somers added

Somers then showed proof that he stopped all engagement sent to Garcelle’s son’s Instagram account. He shared a screenshot of the software his company uses and examples of the work they do.

To conclude, Somers apologized again and said he takes full responsibility for the negative comments but says he would never “instruct others to ploy racist remarks.”

“I’ll take responsibility for the negative comments, but our services go off of specific keywords my team inputs. I would never run my company or instruct others to ploy racist remarks. I have personally never dealt with racism, but I truly send my condolences,” Somers concluded.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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