Jax Taylor To Launch Podcast With Wife Brittany Cartwright; Hints At a Return to Reality TV and Dishes on his New Book

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Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have some big things in the works nearly two years after exiting Vanderpump Rules.

The former SUR bartender reveals that he and Brittany are plotting their return to reality TV. On top of that, they are also launching a podcast. Jax is also releasing a children’s book inspired by his late father, Ronald Cauchi.

During a recent Instagram Live, fans asked Jax what he’s doing for a living now that he’s no longer on reality TV.

“What am I doing for a living? I have a lemonade stand on the weekends…. Come by!” he joked. “It’s a great lemonade stand; it’s fresh, too. That’s the gig right now.”

“We are doing a podcast,” Taylor revealed. “It will be out—I don’t want to talk about it too much yet because obviously still getting it all worked out, but I just heard back from my manager; our podcast will be out very shortly.”

“Brittany and I are doing a podcast,” he continued. “We’re really excited about it. I want to get that going as soon as possible. I’ll let you guys know when the podcast [will be up]. We’re just getting set up… This is just something fun that Brittany and I wanted to do.”

The unnamed podcast will cover a bevy of topics, including parenthood.

“I know everybody’s been doing a podcast, but I really enjoy coming on here and talking about just everyday life, parenting stuff, just hot topics… whatever, in the moment. I just like talking,” he said. “I think it would just be fun to talk about some parenting stuff, just kind of what’s going on in the world today, how we’re dealing with it, reality if you want. I guess it will be a little bit of everything.”

Jax also hinted about returning to reality TV and opened up about his upcoming children’s book.

“We got a few TV projects in the works,” he revealed. “We got a couple [of] things in the works. My book’s getting ready to come out. I got a children’s book getting ready to come out; I just got a message about that, so got a few things coming out. Can’t wait.”

The former Pump Rules star hopes to do a book tour when his book gets released.

“I see that Lala [Kent] and …Stassi [Schroeder] and …I was part of Stassi and Beau’s book tour, and we had so much fun,” Taylor said. “The book tours, they seem like a lot of fun; you get to interact with everybody, it’s very hands-on. And it’s an excuse to meet everybody and talk to everybody.”

As for his book, Jax says he wanted to do something “different” from his former costars, who have also written books.

“My book is a children’s book,” he said. “I know everybody’s done a book, but I got a children’s book and think you guys are really gonna like it. It’s a letter from a father to a son. And I think it’s a really, really cool book. It’s a little different.”

In the future, Jax hopes to write a tell-all book about his time on Pump Rules.

“I think I will do a [memoir type] book at one point, but I think a children’s book, just because of being a father, was important to do,” he explained.

“I think one day, maybe in a few years, I’ll maybe get together and do a Vanderpump tell-all or something book,” Jax added. “I think now is a little bit too soon to try to do something like that, but maybe down the line, I would do something like that…although it could not be a good idea, it depends on how you look at it. Kind of a dirty secrets kind of thing or something. That could be kind of fun.”

Vanderpump Rules is set to return for season 10 in late 2022 or early 2023.

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