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Blind Item: These Two Beverly Hills Housewives Are At Odds Over Charity Auction and Finding Out Who’s More Famous/ More Beloved By Fans

Want some juicy scoop on your favorite reality TV stars?

Well, come a little closer – a little closer…okay…okay, NOT that close.

This tea is piping hot! So pour yourself a cup and come gossip and speculate with us! You know you want to!

A new BLIND ITEM from Crazy Days and Nights claims that these two Beverly Hills Housewives are at odds over a charity auction and finding out who’s more famous/more beloved by fans.

Blind Item 7: “These two Beverly Hills Housewives are accusing each other of using surrogates to bid up the prices on a charity auction which puts an actual dollar value on who is more famous/loved by fans. So far, the lip filler lover is losing to the one who has had multiple siblings on the show. A side note to this is that a niece of the Housewife is actually besting both of them, by a LOT.”

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