Margaret Josephs Calls Teresa Giudice An ‘Overgrown Toddler; Insists She’s Not Bringing Up Louie’s Past To Hurt Her

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It’s no secret that Margaret Josephs comes for Teresa Giudice’s new love Louis ‘Louie’ Ruelas during season 12 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey however it’s not for the reasons you may think.

According to Margaret she only brought up Louie’s past out of pure concern for Teresa. She insists she’s not trying to hurt Teresa and just wants the OG Housewife to have her eyes wide open before marrying Louie.

“I hope that she can see that everything that I would ever do is all only out of concern for her,” Margaret tells Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t have to talk behind people’s back. Whatever I say behind the back, I will say to their face — and I do. She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like when I say it. She thinks I’m the only one. Everybody — and I mean everybody — had something to say, and I just say it.”

Margaret also laughs at Teresa’s fans, aka “Tre Huggers,” claiming that she’s battling with Teresa in an effort to take over the show.

“It’s just such stupidity. We are better together, not apart,” Margaret quips, noting that it’s the Real Housewives of New Jersey not The Teresa Show.

“I think if it was The Teresa Show, she would’ve had her own show already,” Margaret fires off. “It’s 12 years! I think it’s an ensemble show. We all need each other to succeed and do well. I think it’s funny. I think that’s what, in her head, that’s what she thinks to make herself feel better. And I think it’s funny. But she would’ve had her own show already.”

“She’s a very overgrown toddler,” Margaret adds. “It’s like being on the other side of a very overgrown toddler — a very strong one, obviously — but it’s a very big temper tantrum.”

“The truth is, Teresa is a woman who is very guarded, paranoid, thinks everybody is out for her,” Marge claims. “And I do believe she does feel this way not just with me. She feels everybody is not to be trusted, because she has been hurt so many times. A lot of people have done things, or she thinks everybody has an ulterior motive to hurt her. There is no benefit for me for anything bad to happen to Teresa. None whatsoever, I have no vendetta against her.”

The drama turns physical this season after Marge calls Tre a liar however fans will have to wait to see what caused Margaret to call Teresa that.

“She says that I’m the one who leaked [anything negative about Louie] to the press,” Margaret reveals. “‘I leaked the video, I could get my hands on that video…’ I mean, cut me a break. I didn’t even know who this guy was! That was classic. I mean, if I had that video, I would’ve sent it directly to her. I wouldn’t have leaked it to the press. I’d be like, ‘What the hell is this?'”

“She just pretends things aren’t happening. And she makes up story after story. For what? What does she have to hide? What is she protecting? I question her judgment. The entire Bravo world, anybody who’s seen this stuff on the internet, has questions.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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