Margaret Joesphs Admits She’s Known About Bill Aydin’s Affair For Years; Plus Margaret Reveals Why She Finally Confronted Jennifer About It

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Margaret Josephs dropped a bomb about Jennifer Aydin’s marriage on the season 12 premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and it turns out she had been keeping the secret for YEARS!

Season 12 kicked off with Margaret revealing that Bill Aydin had an affair with a pharmaceutical rep ten years ago.

“I mean, I knew it to be true,” Margaret told Page Six. “I’ve known for a long time. You’ve seen me in previous seasons; I hit a nerve, like, I’ve known this. I never wanted to say it.”

Margaret says she finally confronted Jennifer about Bill’s affair because of Jennifer’s “hypocrisy” and her not being “honest” over the years however she never meant to hurt the Aydin family in the process.

“I was like, ‘You’re not honest and you’re not honest with everybody.’ And it’s bad. And I think that’s why I had said it,” Margaret said. “Listen, I didn’t want to cut her to the core, and I did not want to hurt Bill. That’s not what the intention was. It was just like, wake up. This is not going to be happening.”

As RHONJ fans may recall, Jennifer previously criticized Marge for sleeping with her boss after feeling “pressured” by him and having an affair with her now-husband while married.

“But coming off of last season and the chastising of me for the sexual harassment and everything else and you know, the hypocrisy of it all to me,” she said. “And then her just never taking responsibility for her behavior.”

Marge says that she reached a boiling point with Jennifer pretending her marriage to Bill was perfect.

“The truth is, he cannot be made to be on a pedestal and amazing, [or that] he’s the greatest and I am the worst person ever … the way I met my husband, saying I slept my way to the top, and all these awful things,” Margaret explained.

“Your husband, which he admittedly said, had an affair with someone, you know, in a business sense … That doesn’t mean, you know, he’s so much better than me. He is the greatest and I’m the worst. That’s just not the way it rolls.”

Oddly enough Marge previously hinted at Bill’s affair all the way back in season 9! Talk about holding onto some major tea!

Check out the clip below!

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