Jennifer Aydin Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Ahead of RHONJ Season 12 Premiere

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 premiere shocked fans in multiple ways, but NOTHING was more shocking than Jennifer Aydin’s new look. I mean Louie Ruelas’ video is a close second, am I right?

The Bravoblebrity went under the knife in Turkey for a rhinoplasty, chin implant, and facial lipo just weeks before filming for season 12 began.

Naturally, when the cameras started rolling, Jen wasn’t completely healed and looked a bit scary, TBH. She’s such a pretty woman, so it was genuinely SHOCKING to see her looking so unlike herself.

Jennifer Aydin Opens Up

Jennifer Aydin Opens Up

Jen knew she would receive criticism and backlash for her transformation, so she got ahead of the gossip just hours before the season 12 premiere.

On Instagram, Jen opened up about going under the knife and hinted about some of the drama to come on RHONJ.

In the post, Jen admits that she’s already had her chin implant removed because she was unhappy with how it looked.

Jen shared:

I’ve always been very open about my plastic surgery. The day this picture was taken was June 19th(Teresa’s pool party) , 4 weeks after my surgery. I went to Turkey for my nephew’s Christening and while there, I got a rhinoplasty with chin implant and facial lipo with @drmustafaaliyanik. I’m totally aware of the criticism some of you may have after you see my face tonight. I had them too! Keep in mind that it was exactly 4 weeks after the date of my surgery. My face was still swollen and numb and it was hard to move, speak or smile. My surgery was already planned from way before I got the news of when filming was to start. And even though I was nervous on some of the backlash that may happen and I had no idea how whack I would look on camera, I remembered that I signed up to show my life. All aspects of it. So instead of healing before I filmed, I healed while I filmed( in more ways than 1), and let you all watch. I wasn’t totally happy with my chin from day one, And I was irritated that I listened to the recommendation of the doctor. Bill told me to give it time. Time is your best friend with any type of plastic surgery. I am happy to say that my nose has settled in nicely and is looking better every day. I wasn’t that happy with my chin so I have recently had it removed with @drkassir . My nose surgery in Turkey was May 18th. When part 2 of Season 11 Reunion aired, it was Wed, May 19th, day 2 from my surgery. These dates are relevant to this new season, so pay attention. Within the next 48 hours, I’m going to post some personal video diaries in my stories that I took on these dates. I am warning you, it looks bad. On the dates that I was recuperating across the Atlantic, some things were happening on social media back here in the states- which I ended up participating in, which I now regret. I hope you all enjoy the season premiere. That’s the main bright side of all of this for me…. That even though this season is painful for me in so many different ways, I’m happy the fans are going to finally get the killer season they’ve been waiting for? Tune in tonight at 8 pm only on @bravotv.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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