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Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken Make Peace; Brandi Says She Regrets ‘Misjudging’ LeeAnne

It seems that all it took for Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken to make peace was for the Real Housewives of Dallas to get canceled.

The former Dallas Housewives rubbed each other the wrong way from the minute the cameras started rolling for season 1 of RHOD. The two eventually attempted to mend fences and become friends during season 2.

However, their budding friendship was over before it started, and they went back to hating each other.

Fast forward to 2021, and it seems that Brandi and LeeAnne have finally made peace.

The two gushed about each other on Twitter as Brandi also apologized for previously being too harsh on LeeAnne.

The conversation started when Real Housewives Polls tweeted: Which #RHOD original do you miss seeing on TV most?” Fans could choose to vote for LeeAnne, Brandi, Stephanie Hollman, or Cary Dueber. 

Brandi replied, LeeAnne, all day every day, miss her.” 

She continued, “She is absolutely a star. I will never forgive myself for misjudging her. She knows I love her and miss her. Life is about choices, and we have the authority to help or hurt others. I will always choose to help others and lift them up.” 

LeeAnne then revealed that she had “already forgiven” Brandi for their past drama.

“You know I have already forgiven. I miss you, and this is the you that I will always TREASURE and LOVE! #gratefultobehere,” LeeAnne wrote. 

Thoughts on this all? Are you surprised by Brandi and LeeAnne’s exchange? Sound off below!

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