RHOC Recap: Heather Dubrow Threatens To Stop Filming And Shuts Down Her $36k Party After Lawsuit Drama Escalates

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The Real Housewives of Orange County has started with a bang and I found myself glued to the screen as tonight’s episode aired.

On episode two of RHOC – Gina can’t keep a secret that Shannon Beador told her regarding Heather’s friend, Nicole. On the season premiere we found out that Shannon told Gina and Emily off camera that Heather Dubrow’s friend Nicole James had previously sued her husband, Terry Dubrow, over some cosmetic surgery. Shannon asked both ladies to promise not to say anything.

Gina did promise but really wanted to get on Heather’s good side and made sure she would be the one who told her. As I saw Gina race to tell Heather, I couldn’t help but think there is a time and place and if Gina truly was so concerned about Shannon not telling Heather she would tell Shannon off the bat that if Shannon doesn’t tell her – she will. Instead she blindsided Shannon and told Heather at Heather’s party.

As Gina tells Heather about Nicole suing her husband – she says how absurd everything is insinuating that what Shannon told her was probably not true. What I found interesting is that Gina didn’t even have a conversation asking Nicole about it? She and Emily did bring up her breasts to see what Nicole would say but never actually confronted her. It came off as Gina desperately wanted to be on Heather’s good side and let Heather know so Heather could like her. Gina sits Heather down and tells her about the lawsuit. She explains to Heather that she and Emily wanted nothing to do with it. She says that Shannon is saying these things and she didn’t want Heather to look silly so that’s why she is telling her. Again, on camera, it appeared that Gina and Emily were making this way bigger. Now I can understand if Heather was seen with Nicole multiple times with each other and Gina had enough. But Gina JUST heard about this….12 hours earlier.

Over on to Shannon, Emily sits down and asks Shannon whether she told Heather letting her know that Gina was speaking to Heather at the moment about it. Shannon seems genuinely shocked. Shannon goes straight to the scene and is furious. She asks Heather if she could speak to her. Gina and Shannon start arguing and Gina claims Shannon made this a thing. Shannon says, “Twelve hours after promising me…” Gina then interrupts, “It’s not the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I didn’t even frickin’ know Heather when I told you I wouldn’t say anything. And I didn’t know what pertained to her! The whole thing is so ridiculous, Shannon, and the fact that you really would try and put this on me is so ridiculous.”

I’m not at all saying Shannon is innocent in this. She told those girls for a reason but for Gina to do this at Heather’s house is mind-blowing and making it this huge thing when it hasn’t even got to that point yet is so confusing.

Heather walks away demanding producers shut everything down saying that the show is over.

Nicole is sitting with Emily and newest housewife Jennifer and does admit to making a big mistake saying she was young and her attorneys forced her into it. Emily says that Nicole should have told Heather and I agree. It’s a little weird that Nicole never brought this up but I doubt these two are actually close in the real world outside of these cameras. Emily continues to press Nicole which makes Nicole call Emily stupid. Emily responds by calling Nicole trash and says she was being her friend all night and by all night, she means the 20 minutes that they were there. Emily then reminds Nicole that she doesn’t have an education and has never worked before.

Nicole goes in a room alone trying to process everything that is about to happen and Heather brings Terry down to speak to her. Terry walks in and you can tell that Nicole is absolutely horrified and I actually felt bad for her. I know Nicole is in the wrong for not telling Heather but you could tell she was so anxious. Nicole immediately tells Terry that she doesn’t think he did anything wrong, “I was in my 20s, I was pushed by attorneys. And I never wanted to say anything because I don’t think you did anything wrong.”

Terry jokes it off and kindly makes Nicole feel better saying, “Nicole, let me just tell you something. You dropped it. It went away. It’s fine. Okay? But by the way, can I just say something? Thanks for dropping it.”

I respected Terry reacting that way because many might have reacted different. Heather reassures her everything is okay and pleads that she doesn’t leave.

Despite Terry & Heather clearing the air with Nicole – Heather ends the party before her main course is even served after spending $36,000 on this party!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the party Terry and Heather discuss Shannon’s motives. They seem to think she is jealous and Heather tells both Gina and Emily that as she meets up with them for lunch. That’s not all. Heather says that Shannon had told her that both Gina and Emily were not to be trusted which would make no sense considering she trusted them with this Nicole secret.

It’s obvious Gina and Emily desperately want to be on Heather’s good side and I don’t blame them. Heather is pretty fabulous.

Did Emily go too far with Nicole? Was Gina in the wrong? Thoughts on Shannon’s reaction?

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