RHOSCL Recap: Who Turned Jen Shah In To Homeland Security + Meredith Marks Reveals Jen Shah Was Involved In Retail Theft

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Things have escalated like it never has before on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. On last weeks episode – the ladies were headed to a trip when Jen Shah’s legal trouble got in the way and many wondered if someone had turned her in.

The ladies all wondered how police knew where to find Jen but it’s obvious that producers would easily be open and honest and tell them since they are filming her for a reality TV show. And I think that people are making things messy by trying to insinuate it’s someone from the cast.

At one point Lisa questions if Whitney knew anything about what was going on with Jen and then Heather questions whether Lisa knew anything. I truly don’t think any of these ladies knew what was going to happen or what was happening. As the ladies were on the road, Whitney finds an article about how Jen, along with her assistant Stuart Smith, were both arrested for their alleged involvement in a nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme. The ladies then decide to call Meredith who was waiting for them in vail. Meredith is not surprised at all saying, “Too many things didn’t add up and I’ve suspected that something was going on for a while. And now, it’s validated that I was right that I’m not crazy. That’s the bottom line.” With Meredith acting not surprised, Lisa wondered if she knew something telling the ladies, “I don’t know if Meredith knows something we don’t know, but I’m surprised she’s completely, almost, unfazed by all of this. … You would think there’d be a bigger reaction to what just went down.”

The ladies arrive and later on in the episode have dinner together when Whitney says that someone sent her a message saying that Jen had a tracker on her and that’s how she was found. Mary reveals she did feel betrayed by this whole thing and I find that interesting because I know Mary is going to be called out for some things later in the season. Meredith basically admits she is not surprised because Jen was involved in a retail theft case saying, “In late September, I was with my entire family. We were all in New York. And I have, like, eight missed calls from Jen. I was at dinner and I called her back and she’s like, ‘Oh, we’re good. I was trying to get into your store. It was closed. I was banging on the door, but your manager reopened for me.’ Great. So, she left. My manager called me and I’m like, ‘Oh great, what did she buy?” Meredith says her manager did say she spent a few hundred dollars but noted that a clutch was missing after she and her associates left revealing, “My manager told me, ‘There is a green clutch that I know was here. Her friends were holding it and it is gone. So, I said to my manager, ‘Send her a text and just gently say, “Did you borrow it?” Mary then says her manager’s phone rang and on the other end one of the associates said they would bring it back tomorrow. Meredith added in her confessional, “Jen did not walk out with a bag. But what really didn’t sit well with me is she kept someone who she knew did take something out of my store in her employment. That’s not my friend.”

That’s not all – Meredith also revealed that Jen was red flagged in the Louis Vuitton store because she allegedly pays in cash when she shops there. Heather says nothing is consistent with Jen and Lisa ends up in tears as so many emotions run high.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Are you surprised by Meredith’s revelations?

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