Ashlee Holmes’ Estranged Husband Denies Cheating; She Fires Back and Reveals They’ve Been Separated Since August Due To Pete’s Infidelity

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Things are getting very messy between Ashlee Holmes and her estranged husband Pete Malleo.

A day after Ashlee revealed on Instagram that she was “single” and accused her husband of being unfaithful, Pete is denying the allegations.

On Instagram, Ashlee wrote “My husband is busy f–king some busted looking whore,” when asked if she was planning on having another baby with Pete.

She added, “but maybe one day.”

“I’ve never cheated on Ashlee. We’ve been separated since August. All I did was friend request someone and liked some photos. I then asked that person to hang out,” Pete said in a statement to Page Six“I clarified that I’m single. We are going through a divorce and Ashlee’s attorney has been served back in early October.”

Pete continued: “To say that I’m cheating is ridiculous. I’ve never in my life cheated on anyone. I’d like to think I’m a good person. I’ve explained to Ashlee numerous times I have no intentions of getting back together and that my only concern is that we continue to show unconditional love to our beautiful son.”

Pete’s timeline seems to be backed up by Ashlee’s comment on the November 3 episode of her podcast, “Your Mom Friends.”

Ashlee then clapped back in a statement of her own to Page Six. The former Real Housewives of New Jersey staple claimed that Pete cheated on her several times during their relationship and accused him of trying to “change the narrative.”

She also revealed that she and Pete have been separated since August and that they only filed for divorce in October.

“To be clear, I never said that Pete cheated on me. What the public put together based on what I said in my Instagram stories is on them … However, if Pete is going to make a statement, then it’s only fair that I respond. This is the last I will say on the matter, as I am disgusted by all of this,” Ashlee said. “Facts are facts. Pete HAS in fact cheated on me in the past. He had an online flirtation with a girl where pictures were exchanged throughout the first year of our relationship, ending somewhere around three months into my pregnancy. It only ended because I confronted the woman. There are a lot of other factors as to why our marriage wasn’t working. Including him not wanting to go to therapy with me. We have been separated since August, yes. Pete knows exactly why.”

“We filed in October,” she continued, “and him and this woman have in fact been talking since at least October. We are not legally divorced yet. We filed the same way the last time we separated, and we ended up back together.”

“Pete and I have been hanging out a lot lately, including a family movie night, several lunches and dinners, including a dinner with my brother … Pete had been telling me how he isn’t seeing anyone, how he has no intention of seeing anyone anytime soon. He said he would tell me first, and that he would never want to hurt me. He even said that if whoever he was dating and I ever had an issue, he just simply wouldn’t date her. Yet here we are. He said these things repeatedly. I thought we had a mutual understanding and new respect for one another based on his actions and words,” she explained. “When questioned about this woman, he denied it and said that I ‘needed help’ for even thinking such a thing. Meanwhile, he has in fact been pursuing this woman. Their relationship developed past Instagram when they exchanged phone numbers. Pete reached out to her and she responded with ‘What are the chances of your girl finding out?’ Classy. He then went on to tell her that him and I are separated.”

“How do I know this? The woman DMd me screenshots of her texts between herself and Pete to antagonize me. She also informed me that Pete has been using some choice words to describe me to her. She also had a comment to say about my son. Unacceptable. Period,” she noted. “He was given many opportunities to be truthful, and he chose not to. For Pete to say that all he did was friend request ‘someone’ and ‘like some photos’ is a gross understatement. I will not allow him to change the narrative.”

“That being said, Pete is an excellent father when he chooses to be with Cameron. I wish we could continue to co-parent in the way we had been lately. However, after this display, I just don’t see how … I have yet to hear anything from Pete in regards to her DMs to me and all of this aside from his statement to the press,” Ashlee concluded.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey will return to Bravo in February 2022.

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