RHOP Season Finale Recap: Candiace Tells Her Husband To Shut The F*ck Up And Body Shames Ashley Darby Yet Again

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The Real Housewives of Potomac season finale premiered and I am so sad to see it come to an end. Although I will admit I need a major break from watching Candiace on my television screen. On Sunday’s season finale – we watch as Karen gets ready for her vow renewal with Ray and I was very happy for the two of them. They’ve been through a lot and have been able to push through all the adversity after 25 years and that obviously isn’t very easy.

Over at Robyn’s warehouse – things get heated between her and her fiancé Juan. Juan and Robyn have been talking about the idea of having another baby all season and Robyn addresses her concerns to Juan. Juan isn’t happy and you could tell he definitely doesnt want this conversation to be on television. I think Juan needs to understand that this is a part of Robyn’s job. Robyn calmly tells Juan how hard it was for her when their sons were infants and he barely helped. Juan gets triggered as he states that it was 13 years ago and it should be left alone. I think it’s great Robyn is having this conversation but I am concerned about Juan’s reaction. It was clearly very traumatic for Robyn and she doesn’t want to go back to that place so is making sure to talk about it first. Perhaps these two need a private therapy session to work these matters out.

Everyone attends Karen’s vow renewal and every detail was flawless. She really outdid herself. All the ladies walk in and look beautiful. Ashley walks in solo and tells the ladies that Michael will be joining shortly. Candiace sees Ashley and tells her husband Chris that she basically doesnt want to acknowledge the “ogre.” I can’t believe Candiace continues to body shame someone who just delivered her second baby. The insecurities are pouring out. It’s clear that Candiace is jealous of Ashley so the only thing she could target is the fact that Ashley’s body may look a little different after JUST having a baby. Earlier in the episode Candiace signs a record label with a label I wasn’t familiar with and it’s so hard to be happy for someone who is so vile. You would think after last season – we would see a whole different side of Candiace but it just gets worse after every episode.

Last season we watched Chris and Michael get into an altercation after Candiace ran her mouth and Michael approached her husband to shut it. I think Michael’s approach was wrong and Chris’s reaction was wrong but it’s obvious who the problem always is. At the vow renewal, Juan tried his best to squash the beef so that everyone can move forward. I appreciated the fact that he wants things to get better amongst the guys and I have to say I really don’t mind Chris. I just question the fact that he’s married to Candiace. Chris wants to let it go but Michael wants an apology for Chris getting physical. Michael explained, “I have a long memory and I don’t like people being mean to my wife.” That’s when Chris says, “I can understand you being upset with her. But to come at me the way that you did in that moment, I felt was disrespectful.” Michael just wants an apology and I think Michael needs to just move forward because Chris is willing to. Michael says he wants Chris to be a man and apologize if he wants to apologize because he put his hands on him. Robyn chimes in and says Michael can’t act all innocent in this because he did things that were wrong that night as well.

And in comes Candiace in the conversation bringing up white privilege. Candiace says, “This is the whitest privilege. I have to go. I can’t sit here. You do nothing wrong. The white privilege of it all is nasty.”

I don’t think anyone agreed with Candiace including her husband. In her confessional Candiace explains, “I think that Michael has been afforded an amount of privilege to not ever have to take responsibility for anything. He can buy ’em off, pay ’em off, threaten to sue them or whatever he does, and then he will forsake his own wife for his own pleasures and degrading desires.”

It was probably the best thing for everyone that Candiace left because Michael and Chris were able to squash it as soon as she was gone. Chris later is alone with Candiace and calls out Candiace for her over the top comment saying, “You said the white privilege thing and that’s over the top. Just because you feel a way about something, doesn’t always mean you need to express it in the moment.” Candiace of course doesn’t want to hear a thing Chris is saying because he’s disagreeing with her and Chris just pleads that Candiace see the other side. She tells him to shut the fu*k up and walks away. I don’t know how Chris puts up with it.

Things get crazy next week on the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion.

Thoughts on the season finale? Was Candiace in the right?

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