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Lisa Barlow Claims ‘Actress’ Whitney Rose Knew She Was Going To the Catering Couple’s Restaurant; Says Whitney ‘Practiced’ Her Rant In the Car

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The plot thickens!

It seems that we may have more than one actress on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

In a new heated exchange between Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose on Instagram, captured by CommentsByBravo, we’re learning more about the recent dinner drama between the two Salt Lake City Housewives.

On a recent episode of RHOSLC, a catering company owned by Lisa’s friend Aubrey and her husband backed out of providing food for newbie Angie Harrington’s party.

Angie believed that Lisa forced Aubrey to pull the plug on catering her party after Lisa learned that Angie was forging a friendship with Whiteny. Lisa denied the claim.

As Lisa and Whitney began to work on their rocky friendship they wound up having dinner at Aubrey’s restaurant. The minute they sat down at their table Aubrey and her husband pop up and start trashing Angie’s claims.

Whitney freaks out and calls the whole ordeal a setup. Lisa once again insisted that wasn’t the case. On Twitter Lisa defended herself saying, “There was no setup. No surprises.”

She added, “No surprises on where we were going and who owned [the restaurant].” 

Fast forward to a week later and Whitney and Lisa are still bickering over this drama.

On Instagram, a fan questioned how Whitney didn’t know she, Lisa, and their husbands were going to Aubrey’s restaurant for dinner.

“Totally staged. But wouldn’t Whitney know they were going to the catering couple’s restaurant?” one fan quipped to which Whitney replied, “I do now.”

Lisa then chimed in and called Whitney a “liar.”

“Such a liar. You practiced your little rant on the way. I told you where we were going at aerials. Such an actress. ‘It’s a setup. It’s a setup ‘ lol,” Lisa commented.

“Still trying to cover it up. I give you an A for effort,” Whitney fired back to which Lisa replied, “Lies never outrun the truth. #textsdontlie.”

On Twitter, Lisa shared several text messages between Angie and Aubrey to back up her claims she had no involvement in any of the drama between them.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Thoughts on this all? Who do you believe – Lisa or Whitney? Sound off below!

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