RHOSLC Recap: Mary Cosby Rolls Her Eyes As Jennie Nguyen Opens Up About The Death Of Her Daughter + Lisa Is At Her Breaking Point

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It’s everyone VS Lisa on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Love her or hate her – I think it would be exhausting to always get called out/and or attacked for innocent things you say. But before we get to that let’s start off with the newest housewife Jennie. I’m really liking Jennie so far. But I also feel for her. Jennie and her husband go out to dinner when the conversation of having more kids happens. Jennie tells Duy it was hurtful that he would suggest getting a sister wife just so they could add more children to their family. Duy brings up his grandfather and says that in Asia, there are many polygamy families and that his grandfather made it work so they could too. I’m not sure why he’s even bringing it up knowing that Jennie is not going to be down for it.

Duy says he doesn’t want to lose her but with him speaking that way – I wouldn’t be surprised if he does. Duy says that he feels emptiness and is confident another child would make him feel whole. Jennie brings up her stillborn and says that a similar conversation happens about this every March which happens to be the anniversary of her daughter’s death and it breaks my heart. Jennie and Duy both have to cope with the loss of their daughters and to deal with this on top of it seems like a lot. Jennie suggest Duy talk to someone and while he seems against it he says he will think about it.

The ladies then all get together to go tubing. Mary isn’t happy because the commute is an hour away and she doesn’t like doing things that she can’t wear a nice outfit to. I still am confused why Mary is on this show. She doesn’t like doing anything with the ladies and they are just so different. As the ladies are on the limo Mary says that carbonated beverages harden your ovaries in which Lisa Barlow playfully asks if that true noting she needs to google that. Mary immediately gets triggered saying, “Everything I say, you gotta Google it? Don’t do that. Please don’t do that to me.”

Things escalate so quickly, and everyone stays silent. Lisa seems genuinely shocked because I don’t think she was trying to insult Mary in any way and Mary keeps going in on Lisa.

As they get out of the bus – Lisa approaches Mary and asks what that was about which I can appreciate. Lisa wants to talk about things versus talking about it afterwards with others. Mary says she doesn’t like how Lisa speaks and says its demeaning. I think Mary is just upset that she is driving an hour away to go tubing so she’s taking it out on Lisa. Mary says Lisa tried to belittle her and brings up the fact that Lisa may do it because she’s black. Again – Mary seems unhinged. Lisa says she is being ridiculous which I agree. And I almost feel bad for Lisa because it seems like anything she says or does is wrong. Jennie was over the unnecessary drama and just wants everyone to have fun. Mary and Jennie exchange words and Jennie doesn’t back off from Mary. She thinks Mary is being unreasonable and I think most of the women are scared to call Mary out for some reason and Jennie doesn’t want to deal with Mary’s antics especially on this day. It’s later revealed that it was the anniversary of the day she lost her daughter.

The ladies have a competition and Lisa asks Jen to come join their team which Jen doesn’t want to. I think Jen would prefer to be with Heather as Heather’s team was more of the fun team. Lisa is just feeling down because she was just attacked and not one of her friends had her back. She also is annoyed because Angie is present, and they still have some unresolved issues with Angie accusing Lisa of sabotaging her event despite the two being good friends.

The ladies grab something to eat after tubing is over and Lisa breaks down. Angie says she tried to reach out to Lisa and Lisa says unless she gets a sorry, she wants nothing to do with her. Lisa says she won’t be beat up and accused of something she didn’t do and brings up the fact that they had a friendship of 20 years. I know Lisa isn’t a fan favorite but just imagine for a second your friend of 20 years accusing you of sabotaging your event and instead of asking you – involves someone you dislike to hype the situation up. I personally would never be able to be friends with someone like that because the trust is gone. Whitney then involves herself in the conversation which I find annoying because everyone is staying silent including Lisa’s friends so I think Whitney should too. Lisa breaks down and says she just wants to be her and not have everybody question everything she does adding she can’t even say google without someone jumping on her.
I felt for her. She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Lisa then says in a confessional that she doesn’t know what’s more hurtful Angie repeating the lie or her friends Meredith and Jen not coming to her defense. Heather then asks Lisa if the caterers pulled out as some leverage. And it’s all so ridiculous. This would be a great opportunity for these caterers, so I don’t think Lisa has that much pull to convince people to pull out AND we later find out that the caterers brother ended up taking over the event. Lisa says, “My grandfather was gay. That’s a big deal to me, to have someone accuse me of sabotaging something that supports the community that I love. That I saw firsthand how difficult that is to navigate. It’s wrong. Angie has been like a little sister to me.”

Angie gets up and consoles Lisa and Lisa says sorry that Angie felt sad and Angie apologizes as well. I still don’t see these two ever recovering from this.

Moving on to Jennie – Heather asks why today was especially difficult for Jennie. Jennie explains that she felt triggered when Mary told her what to do. She says she was picked on for being Asian while she was growing up and doesn’t like to be told how to speak/or what to do. Jennie also reveals that it’s the anniversary of her daughters death. Everyone is sympathetic and kind except Mary which truly grossed me out. Mary heard the story and rolled her eyes which was disturbing. For someone to be a First Lady of the Faith Temple Church – it’s disappointing to see her role her eyes especially because she is a mother herself. It was very telling and showed her true character and I’m sure Jennie watching back isn’t going to feel very good about that.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Are you team Lisa or everyone else? Do you think Mary was being hard on Lisa?

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