Alleged Niece of RHOSLC Newbie Jennie Nguyen Claims Show Storyline Is Fake; Says Jennie and Husband Will Do Anything For Money

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Faker than fake?

It seems that Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie Jennie Nguyen’s storyline may not be so real after all.

A user named Tifbunny aka “Tiff” on TikTok put Jennie and her husband, Dr. Duy Tran, on blast for their recent claims on RHOSLC. Tiff is allegedly Jennie’s niece.

“Tiff” called BS on Jennie and Duy’s sister-wife storyline, which aired on Sunday’s episode of RHOSLC. Duy desperately wants more kids but Jennie isn’t interested in expanding their family after she suffered 10 miscarriages. Duy suggests they add a sister wife to their family who could bear more children for them.

“I have some tea about a Real Housewives cast member. I’m not gonna say any names, but she’s been recently getting attention as a new Housewife,” Tiff said.

“And I guess in the recent episode, her husband gave her like a sister wife proposition, and his reasoning was that he wants more kids which doesn’t make sense because he didn’t take care of his kids when they were little,” she continued.

“Second, she’s milking this whole crazy ‘I came from nothing’ storyline, which is not true at all,” she added, hitting that Jennie is lying about her background on RHOSLC.

“These people are so disgusting, they’re willing to do anything for money,” she said. “And I know this because she’s my aunt, and she used to stay with my family a lot.”

Tiff then claimed that her parents “helped her [presumably, Jennie] so much” in “any way” that they could, including but not limited to watching their kids for them.

“And she threatened to sue them and throw them in jail so her husband and her could get some money,” she insisted.

“She knows who I am,” Tiff shared on TikTok the next day. “She brought so much stress onto my family and she broke my mother’s heart doing what she did. Unfortunately, I do not forgive and forget as they do. I resent and remember ESPECIALLYYY if you hurt my mommy.”

Later on that same day, Tiff took to TikTok once again.

“For everyone who followed me for the drama, I am not a drama account, I’m not looking to be a drama account,” Tiff said in another video. “So I’m not gonna say much further unless I absolutely have to.”

“I’m not looking to gain anything from this, you guys, I was just annoyed seeing her all over the place after knowing what she did to my parents, so I wanted to get it off my chest,” she confessed. “Also, for the people who are saying that I’m doing this to be on TV. I would rather suck each of my boyfriends’ toes than be on television.”

@tifbunny? original sound – tiff

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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