RHOSLC Recap: Mary Cosby Admits She Would Change Her Husband If She Could; Plus Whitney Accuses Lisa Of Staging A Confrontation To Clear Her Name

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On tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Mary Cosby makes some pretty serious revelations. In her confessional she says she would change her husband one hundred percent if she could. Mary explained, “I could be wrong for this, but I would change Robert Sr. I would just, change him, the whole person, to what I want in him that I don’t get.” Did anyone else’s mouth drop when Mary said this out loud on national television? Can you imagine what Robert’s thinking as he watches that play out for all their friends/family to see? It sounds to me that these two shouldn’t be together and it’s clear Mary knows that. Mary went on to further explain how bad it is in her marriage saying, “You want him to say, sorry – you want him to be passionate, you want him too just be alive. And then you have Robert Sr.” OUCH.

Even when Mary met up with Meredith to play tennis, she was very open and candid about her relationship. Mary spoke about the fact that early on Robert Sr. let her know she would be having her own bedroom. She said, “I remember when I got my own bedroom because you know Robert Sr. and I don’t share a bedroom. We don’t sleep in the same room, and he’s like ‘This is your room.’ And I’m like, ‘What do you mean, my room?” Mary then said she was dreading the day that her son moves out and I understand where she is coming from. This is Mary’s only child and it’s clear her marriage wasn’t something she ever wanted but almost something she felt she had to do. And the only good thing that came out of the marriage was her child. Mary explains that her marriage is based on her child so now it’s like getting to know Robert Sr. all over again and it sounds like she doesn’t even want to do that. Do I blame her? Not really, but it’s still pretty shocking for her to talk about it on TV.

The newest Real Housewife Jennie Nguyen is slowly opening up and on tonight’s episode she got very vulnerable. Jennie met up with Meredith and Lisa and started catching up when Jennie gave them an update on what’s going on in her marriage. She told the ladies that her husband wanted another child, and the ladies were pretty shocked. Jennie firmly explained she doesn’t want anymore kids and told the ladies how she has been pregnant 13 times and even had a stillborn. Jennie began to get emotional with the ladies explaining, “My daughter passed away when she was 42 weeks. She was my second pregnancy. That’s when I had the stillbirth. We lost our baby girl and Duy went through the whole thing. I was sedated so I didn’t see the experience.” My heart broke for Jennie as tears rolled down her face. Jennie told the ladies that Duy is still affected by the loss but it’s very hard for her to go through another pregnancy and she just can’t be on board, and I don’t blame her.  We then get a closer glimpse of Jennie and Duy relationship as they go on a skiing date together. When they start talking about children again – Duy explains why he wants to have more kids saying he wants to populate the world with good individuals. And I understand that but he already has three really good children. While he may long for more kids – he needs to think about the emotional rollercoaster Jennie goes through. Duy wants more good people in the world and I think Jennie would want that as well and she tried. She tried 13 times. And it didn’t happen so if she’s not wanting to go through that again – he should respect that. Jennie explains, “One miscarriage is hard enough for a mom, I went through ten. I don’t want to continue to feel like something’s wrong with me.” I think it’s a bit selfish of Duy to keep pressing this but I’m hopeful he understands why Jennie is not on board although him suggesting welcoming a sister wife tells me he’s not.

On to Lisa & Whitney – the newest “BFFS.” The ladies spend a week hanging out and getting to ‘know’ each other. It all seems pretty forced. It’s clear Whitney has always wanted this where Lisa is just doing this because she’s tired of Whitney being on her back so knows this is the only way Whitney will stop the drama. The relationship is so forced it’s awkward. Things get even more awkward when Lisa and John invite Whitney and Justin to the restaurant of the caterers who backed out on Angie’s casino night. It’s also what put Whitney and Lisa into even more drama as Whitney inserted herself in it by accusing Lisa of sabotaging Angie’s party. It sounds like Whitney knew she was going to the restaurant of the caterers and was fine with it. As the couple have some conversation -we meet Marco and Aubrey who are serving the couple’s table. Aubrey then comes to the conversation to bring the food and awkwardly brings up the party saying she can’t believe Angie was going around saying they cancelled because of Lisa. And immediately Whitney sees red. She boldly looks at Lisa & Aubrey and lets them know this is sooooo staged. Aubrey seems shook. Lisa also looks surprised which I’m not sure why she is when it comes to Whitney. Whitney lives for this shit. You can tell Aubrey is so uncomfortable not expecting Whitney to call her out that way. Here’s my thoughts: Whitney knew this probably was going to happen being that she knew this was the restaurant they were going to and Lisa most likely knew that Aubrey was going to say something. Again this friendship is a fraud friendship. And I do think Lisa has no interest in being friends with Whitney and I also don’t blame her for that. Whitney goes ballistic and both the husbands quietly just stare. Lisa has so much to stay, and Whitney has said it all and after she is done – she says the two need to just move forward and you can tell Lisa is going crazy inside. But she agrees for the sake of not being on Whitney’s bad side. I have a bad feeling this friendship isn’t going to last very long….

Thoughts on Mary’s comments? Do you think Lisa & Whitney will ever be friends? Who’s side are you on?

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