Erika Jayne Addresses Critics and Reveals Lawyers Advised Her To Quit RHOBH Amid Legal Issues

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It’s only part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion and Erika Jayne has already dropped some major bombshells.

On Wednesday part one of the four-part season 11 reunion aired following a highly-rated season of RHOBH. The reunion started off with a bang and ended on a cliffhanger that left us all wanting more.

For weeks and weeks, we’ve been bombarded with talk about Erika FINALLY answering all of our burning questions at the season 11 reunion.

Erika wrapped up season 11 in a pretty little bow during the finale episode last week when she revealed that she’s proud of how she held herself throughout the season.

“I’m in the middle of a nasty fight,” she said during the finale episode. “This is far from over. And I’m tired of explaining myself. I showed up every day, and I’ve been honest and I’ve faced down every fucking question to the best of my ability. And I will never apologize for that.”

To start off the reunion, Erika noted that she slept well the night before the reunion and that she was looking forward to closing out this chapter of her life.

“I’m looking forward to closing this chapter, and moving on,” she told reunion host Andy Cohen.

She continued, “I’m happy to say everything that I can say. Please understand that there are some things that I cannot answer. But I will do my best to give every part of the story that I can.”

Erika then addresses fans calling her “cold” and claims that it was out of line to paint herself as a victim of her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s alleged crimes of embezzlement and fraud.

“You know, there’s a lot of talk about me being cold. And a lot of talk about me not having empathy and sympathy. The truth is, I do. But I’m in an almost impossible situation. And anyone that has been wronged, I want them to be made whole,” Erika said.

“Yeah, I’m talking about the alleged victims of all of Tom’s alleged misdoings,” Erika clarifies. “And it’s important that people hear that from me.”

When asked if she understands why viewers might not see her as sympathetic to Tom’s victims, Erika said, “Yes! But they’re also looking at it through their own eyes. And they don’t know what I know. And they did not live what I have lived through.”

As for how she felt watching the season back and seeing what some of the women had to say, Erika admitted that she felt “Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. And then some hope and some love and some support.”

Erika went on to reveal that her lawyers wanted her to quit the show amid her growing legal entanglements.

“They did,” she said. “And then I said no. Because I have nothing to hide. And they said, ‘You know, this shit can get flipped around on you. Everything can be parsed, twisted, turned — and yes, possibly used against you. Whether it is true or not, it almost doesn’t even matter at this point.”

She admits that she did consider quitting but wanted to “honor her commitment” to the show.

Andy noted, “This is now your main job.”

“Yeah, unfortunately, it is,” Erika quipped. “That is more now of a consideration. Back then while we were shooting the show, I was literally trying to survive. So now that we’re here, yes, that has come more into consideration.’”

On top of all of that Erika also slammed demands that she be fired from RHOBH amid her legal issues.

“Why should I be fired?” Erika asks. “Why are you presuming that I’ve done something? Why aren’t we letting the legal process play out? You’ve heard one side — and a lot of bullshit on that side. Give me a chance to defend myself. Watch me. I’m ready for the challenge. Watch me do it.”

Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion airs on Wednesday, October 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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Source: Variety

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