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RHOBH Reunion Recap: Erika Jayne Reveals Her Lawyers Advised Her To Quit The Show

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And so it begins! Part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired and Erika Jayne was ready to go! Andy begins the reunion asking Erika whether she slept well in which Erika replied very stern that she slept well asking, “was I supposed to sleep any other way?”

And that’s when you realized Erika learned nothing from the season. And that she continues to act cold and tough, almost like this doesn’t phase her. Erika tells everyone she is ready to close this chapter and move on. Erika does admit that while she comes off cold she wants anyone who is wronged to be made whole. She says a lot of things like ‘allegedly’ and doesn’t refer to anyone as victims. She tries her best to be careful with wording. Erika even reveals that her lawyers advised her to quit which was probably a wise decision.

I get Erika was left with nothing but I don’t think she new that was going to happen so it may have been smart to listen to her lawyers. However, I don’t think Erika choosing to stay on the show was the problem. It’s how she acted on the show, towards people, how she portrayed herself the victim, and her unnecessary social media posts that made things a problem for her.

At the end of the day, Erika wants the legal process to play out.

Things turn to Garcelle and Dorit’s relationship. Dorit is bothered by Garcelle. Dorit thinks that Garcelle has an issue with being direct. Dorit explains that if Garcelle has an issue she should say it to the ladies face but she doesn’t. Garcelle responds by bringing up the fact that Dorit has accused her of being a bully which she is not. Dorit says she’s already apologized about it and that’s when Lisa Rinna chimes in. Lisa was ready to come for Garcelle the second the two sat down and Erika was going to have Lisa’s back all the way.

It’s clear Garcelle never was able to trust Lisa Rinna but thought Lisa could prove trust by being loyal to her throughout the season. Which Lisa wasn’t. Lisa R keeps asking Garcelle what’s her issue with her when Garcelle says she heard from someone that Lisa didn’t like that she brought race into the show because this show isn’t about that. I do think Lisa Rinna is vile but I don’t think she ever said that. Lisa is furious that Garcelle would even put that out there but Garcelle says Lisa kept pushing her. The two keep going back and forth with each other and it’s interesting to note Kyle is quiet the entire time making sure not to step in and I kind of appreciated that. I thought it was annoying for Erika to back up everything Lisa Rinna was saying.

After the awkward exchange between Lisa Rinna and Garcelle, Andy asks where they stand and they both say they want to move forward. Lisa Rinna even gets up and hugs Garcelle and it’s all so forced. Sure they say they want to move forward but I truly feel like they can’t stand each other.

Three more parts to go.

Thought’s on tonight’s episode? How do you think Erika handled part one?

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