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RHOSLC Recap: Mary Cosby Believes Whitney Rose Is Insecure When It Comes to Lisa Barlow & Just Wants Lisa to Be Her Friend

And so, it finally happens. Jen Shah goes face to face with Meredith Marks’ son Brooks to make peace after liking mean tweets about him. I don’t know why I felt so awkward watching the scene between Brooks and Jen. Maybe it’s because Jen is much older and should never be at a point in her life where she is liking any tweets about her friends’ children? And I get it – Brooks isn’t a kid. But it’s her friend’s kid! Still, I find Brooks to be slightly annoying but appreciated that the two were able to say their peace and move forward. Jen starts off the apology by making sure to pin the homophobic tweets on her team. Brooks said he went through so much pain because of what Jen did and he thought that his voice was being taken away. Jen said she would never want him to feel that way and shockingly they were able to move forward.

Over at Whitney’s house – Mary stops by and makes things VERY uncomfortable for Whitney’s children. Mary’s presence is all over the place and she doesn’t seem to care how people view her and I can respect that but oh my God, it’s so cringe watching her on TV at times.

Whitney opens up to Mary about the whole Lisa/Whitney feud. Whitney just wants respect from Lisa Barlow. Mary did have a wise explanation in her confessional on why Whitney is so bothered by Lisa. Mary says that Whitney feels validated through Lisa. Otherwise, she wouldn’t care. Mary explains, “Lisa kind of has a cool factor and I think Whitney sees that. And her insecurity and youth make her not know how to get to that friendship when all she has to do is shut up.” Boom! Mary nailed it. I don’t or have never understood Whitney’s beef with Lisa. I know some may find Lisa annoying, but Whitney takes it on a whole different level when truth is, Lisa doesn’t give a crap about Whitney. It’s Whitney who cares and wants Lisa’s acceptance? Whitney does slightly agree with Mary and says that she doesn’t like Lisa but maybe she just wants some sort of respect or acceptance. Mary says that it’s clear Whitney wants Lisa to be her friend.

The house husbands get together and have a guy’s night. I don’t know why but I can’t seem to enjoy husbands all together like I do New Jersey. Anyways – everyone gets along great. And Lisa’s husband, John thinks that Lisa should meet with Whitney and squash the beef.

Lisa arranges for her and Whitney to get together and Whitney still has some annoying thing to say about it when she should appreciate that Lisa is being mature about the situation despite all the crap Whitney has said about her. Lisa starts off strong by telling Whitney that there’s been a lot of misinterpretations that have happened between them but if they get to a place where they understand each other that they could be really great. Whitney isn’t buying it. Whitney opens up about the hurtful things Lisa has done like referring to Whitney as “this” which Lisa apologizes for but also says that Whitney took it the wrong way. And I don’t think Whitney did take it the wrong way but it’s obvious Lisa just wants to move forward because she realizes Whitney is not going anywhere. Whitney gets vulnerable saying, “I keep finding myself being bothered by you and irritated by you. So, I’m really trying to dive into what that means because that tells me maybe I do want to be your friend. And all your friends tell me, ‘No, Lisa’s amazing, Lisa’s kind.’ And I’m like, ‘I would love to know that Lisa.’” And by the end of it, Lisa promises Whitney that she will get to know that Lisa too.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Do you think Lisa and Whitney’s friendship will last?

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