RHOP Recap: Candiace Dillard Continues To Prove She Is A Terrible Human Being; Gets Called Out By Ashley Darby For Calling Ashley’s Husband A Slave-Driver

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Every time I watch the Real Housewives of Potomac, I think Candiace can’t get any worse but then she does. This episode was a to be continued with Mia & Candiace arguing and tossing salad at one another. I think Mia handled everything better than most people would, including me. At this point Candiace has said some really terrible things about Mia’s mother and she knows Mia’s mom has a story. Whether she knows the full story or not – we will never know. But on last week’s episode Wendy made it clear to Candiace that Mia’s mom has a story and it seems like Candiace truly refuses to control herself.

It’s very clear Candiace is insecure about the fact that her video was low budget because she can’t seem to let go of the fact that Mia thought it was. So when someone says anything about Candiace – the only way Candiace knows how to retaliate is by going 93488937483 x harder. And even that is an understatement! As Candiace says low blows, Mia tries to explain to Candiace why talking about her mom is hurtful. Candiace tells Mia that she doesn’t care and it’s sickening to watch. Candiace’s husband takes her outside to calm her down. Mia is in the other room, emotional, contemplating whether she should leave and says she fears this can make her mother relapse. Mia tells the ladies that she doesnt care if Candiace talks about her but to leave her mom out of it because her mom worked way too hard. Mia says her mom’s sobriety is everything to her. The ladies plead with Mia to stay and Mia agrees if Candiace takes it down a notch. Friend of the housewives, Askale inserts herself in the conversation and asks Mia not to talk about money. I don’t really understand the new friend of the housewife. After all of that drama – all she could do is point the finger at Mia and sticks by Candiace despite her being one of the most vile human beings alive.

Candiace’s hubby Chris cleans the salad after the ladies make a mess and in walks Ashley. Chris congratulates Ashley on her second child and Ashley seemed to really appreciate it. I can only imagine how furious Candiace was after watching that scene.

Gizelle & Robyn finally arrive and Gizelle has already got all the tea from Ashley. The two ladies are not very pleased as they got the bedroom that doesn’t have a bathroom. Robyn is also on her period and lets everyone know she is not a happy camper when she’s on her period. I understand why Robyn would be more comfortable with a bathroom especially because it’s that time of the month but also think she should have thought about it before being the last to arrive. Candiace greets the ladies and then tells her side on what happened earlier. She leaves out majority of everything that actually happened but I think the ladies see through it. Candiace says she feels bad about some things knowing what Mia’s mother has gone through but we all know thats BS considering she sticks by what she says in all the interview confessionals and still goes hard on Mia.

Everyone gets ready for dinner and are cordial during the bus ride. As they arrive – Ashley gets ballsy and asks Chris how he feels about what happened earlier in the day between Mia and Candiace in front of everyone. Chris says he spoke to Candiace and for the most part you can tell Chris does not condone Candiace’s behavior. The conversation gets turned to speaking about Ashley’s husband, Michael. Chris and Michael had beef last season. Candiace brings up how Michael referred to Chris as white trash while Ashley brings up that Candiace called Michael a slave driver. Candiace stands by the fact that Michael is a slave driver and says that he drives his slaves insinuating Ashley is his slave. Ashley tells Candiace she does not know how to be a civil human being and I agree. In Ashley’s confessional – Ashley explains that the common denominator in both fights from this year and last year with Monique is Candiace. Ashley is over Candiace playing the victim and I think viewers are as well.

It’s crazy to see time and time again Candiace say the most foul things then cries two seconds later. It’s time Candiace is held accountable for her actions. She even managed to throw a dig at Mia as she argues with Ashley during dinner. That’s how you know she did not feel bad at all for what she did to Mia.

Do you think Candiace deserves to be let go? Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

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