RHOBH Recap: Erika Jayne Says She Has NO Money But Continues To Have Glam Squad; Makes Up With Sutton Only So She Doesnt Ruin Girl’s Trip

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Another episode of the Erika Jayne show. We start off with the ladies heading to a tasting and we find out Erika is not coming. The girls are slowly getting tipsy. The ladies start talking about Erika’s husband’s new conservatorship and then Kyle and Lisa Rinna start talking about the accident that occurred with Erika’s son flipping his car due to the snow. You could sense that as they tell the story they themselves don’t believe it either. Well at least Kyle doesn’t. Lisa Rinna continues to stand by Erika and say its all true.

Crystal starts getting emotional as she can’t begin to imagine being in that situation. During the wine tasting – Kathy interrupts to say she is getting a massage. Kathy cracks me up. I love that she doesn’t tell the ladies she is booking a massage or asks if they want to go with her. She just books it and tells them as it’s happening and leaves.

Erika meets up with the ladies in the evening and explains that she is so overwhelmed and needed a moment to process what’s happening in her personal life but concluded that its not all that bad. She says what she is going through sucks, but her husband did a lot of good things so the good things he did for certain people should be the people that step up? Uh…Erika’s losing me here. Erika’s making jokes and the ladies are also losing me. As Sutton explains – the ladies just want to prove their loyalty to Erika and they seem so scared to question her crazy stories. They laugh at everything she says even when it’s not funny and continue to almost coddle her. In Garcelle’s confessional – she explains it all seems phony watching the ladies kiss her ass and I agree. As the girls sat around Erika even spoke to Sutton almost as if nothing had ever happened between them. Erika explains in her confessional that she was just being nice.

The next morning Garcelle and Sutton speak about what went down. Sutton questions Erika speaking to her and Garcelle tells her to play it by ear. Erika is getting glammed up and it’s a little odd for someone to have a glam team come on a trip with her when she claims she is broke? Lisa Rinna face times Garcelle & Sutton and say they saw a different side of Erika. Meanwhile Erika is right above them and could hear everything they are saying. Talk about awkward. I almost wanted to plug my ears and not watch because I was mortified at what was happening. Could you imagine discussing someone and they can hear everything? Ahhh. Erika interrupts them and lets them know she can hear them instead of waiting to see what else they would say.

Erika & Kyle are playing tennis when she tells Kyle she has zero dollars. I can’t believe Erika is saying she has zero dollars but has a glam squad on a trip with her? Make it make sense. I feel like at this point Erika shouldn’t have been as “open” because nothing she says sounds right. Kyle just nods her head as Erika speaks and, in a confessional, has a different tone. Kyle says no one wants to be left with nothing but the only people who are owed something are the victims plain and simple. Which I agree on but I can get why Erika will be upset watching this back because Kyle says none of this to her face. Erika then tells Kyle that she told her lawyer that she expects nothing when this is all said and done and says that her lawyer told her that was very courageous of her. You can tell Kyle is shook that Erika still doesn’t get it.

Things take a surprising turn when Erika apologizes to Sutton. Erika tells Sutton she wants to move forward and Sutton questions whether the apology is authentic. I truly thought it was until I watched Erika’s confessional when she said she had no desire to want to work it out with Sutton? She’s very confusing this season. Erika says she said sorry because she didn’t want to ruin everyone’s trip just because she hates her?

On the boat Erika says she can’t win no matter what she does. So at this point she just wants to live her life. Crystal then tells Sutton in front of the ladies that she is basically happy with how things have been between them and I liked seeing that because I hated how hard Crystal was on Sutton in the beginning of the season. Garcelle starts a game of never have I ever and the first thing she says is never have I ever stole anything. This doesn’t sit well with Erika. But she ignores it. Kathy asks Sutton one on one how she feels after speaking to Erika. Sutton gets emotional. She says she was never trying to hurt Erika and thought at one point they were forming a good bond. In her confessional, Sutton says, it’s hard for her to be friends with someone that she’d be scared of. And I get that.

Do you think Sutton and Erika will ever be real friends again?

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