RHOBH Recap: Erika Jayne Remains Fearful & Lisa Rinna Demands Garcelle Is Straight Up With The Ladies!

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Dare I say this may be one of my favorite seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Just so much unknown and each episode gets more interesting. Kathy Hilton is hosting a girl’s trip. You could tell Kyle Richards is thrilled with how far she and Kathy have come along and that they are now doing girls trips together. Kathy is getting ready, and she is all over the place per usual and it’s incredible. Kathy facetimes Dorit and Dorit is talking about Garcelle not being interested in her and Kathy could give a crap. She is barely paying attention and you just gotta love it. She truly doesn’t care for the drama and its fun to have at least one person like that around! We’re seeing a lot of Kathy for her being just a “friend” of the housewife but I’m not complaining!
The ladies arrive to the hotel, and while it gives you some outdated vibes it still is beautiful. Kathy hosts a pop-up picnic and Sutton is unable to make it due to her ankle. While the ladies eat at the picnic – they check on Sutton who says she will be on crutches. Once Kyle hangs up with Sutton – Dorit immediately asks Erika how she feels about Sutton and Erika says to be called a liar is not okay because she is not a liar. She says being called a liar is major to her. Kyle then informs the ladies about the example Sutton gave when she claimed Erika was lying. Erika then says that Tom was allegedly unconscious for 12 hours after his accident and it confuses Kyle who says that Erika is the one who told the girls about Tom being unconscious for 12 hours, so she is unsure why Erika is now using the term allegedly. Dorit says in her confessional that she thinks Erika is telling the truth but not the whole truth.
Kyle keeps saying she is confused in her confessionals which I can only imagine is pissing off Erika as she watches these episodes back. Erika ends off by saying Sutton should be threatened and all the ladies just nod their head almost petrified to speak up. It’s all very odd because Sutton just said what all ladies are afraid to say.

The ladies all gather to have dinner and they go around describing how they are feeling. Erika says she is fearful while Kathy she is anxious as she feels some tension. I get where Kathy is coming from. I feel anxious every time Erika comes on my screen. Sutton then owns up to the fact that she called a meeting as she had questions and Erika can’t get over the fact that Sutton called her a liar. Sutton is trying to tell Erika why she called her a liar and I don’t blame her for trying to explain her side of things. I feel like the girls have pushed Sutton to keep speaking out even though its clear Erika wants to hear nothing from Sutton. Erika says she is done giving Sutton energy and Kathy asks if Erika can just forgive as she believes Sutton used the wrong word. Erika continues to remain cold and everyone is scared to say anything and call her out for her behavior. Dorit says Erika was honest today and that the door is obviously closed between Sutton and Erika. Sutton questions why she is getting painted to be the bad guy. Dorit says pushing Sutton to tell the truth on what she said about Erika is helping her. Garcelle doesnt believe that, that is the case and I dont think viewers do either. Erika clearly doesnt want to hear anything from Sutton so it just needs to be dropped. period.

Kathy Hilton has had enough of the drama and shuts up Dorit the nicest way she can. Dorit says she prefers her friends to be up front and honest and doesnt think Garcelle is. Lisa Rinna inserts herself in the conversation bringing up Garcelle not feeling accepted in the group. Lisa Rinna says Garcelle doesnt make an effort to be a friend in the group. Lisa says she tried but doesnt believe Garcelle has. Lisa wants Garcelle to be more straight up and says Garcelle could be shady. I can’t believe Lisa Rinna of all people is saying that Garcelle could be shady. She is the queen of shady. Garcelle gets emotional and explains that she has always has lived her life feeling different. Garcelle gets emotional letting her guard down and the ladies now view her in a different light. Kathy then invites everyone to her suite for tea, but everyone declines, and Kathy jokes how disappointing it was. She never fails to make me laugh and lighten up even the darkest mood

The media reveals that Tom is being sent to a home and despite Erika getting a divorce from Tom – this is someone she loved. She does not want Tom being sent to a home after experiencing her grandmother going through it and having a terrible experience. Erika questions where his children are. Erika says she can’t be married to the man but does not want him to be in a facility.

Do you understand why Erika is emotional with Tom being possibly sent to a home? Thoughts on tonights episode?

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