Erika Jayne Reveals ‘Unbelievable’ Story And Ladies Question Her Truth

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues to give us all the drama and I am loving ittttt! The biggest focus on Wednesday’s episode was a new ‘unbelievable’ story heard from Erika. Former BFFS Erika & Kyle Richards were sitting down when Erika reveals that her estranged husband had emergency surgery after his house was broken. Tom confronted them and somehow Erika’s son got in the mix. Erika says because her son is a police officer he went to help him but because of ‘snow’ he rolled his car multiple times. Erika admits she has been under a lot of stress and I think I scratched my head confused the entire conversation with those two.

So many questions like how did Erika know about this? Does it usually snow over there? Wouldn’t the media have somehow found out? Erika says it happened on Saturday but never mentioned it at Garcelle’s event after it all happened.

Erika says she just got a call from the police and because she couldn’t go she has her son go. Kyle looks stunned but also is questioning the entire thing in her confessional. In fact she says the story sounds ‘unbelievable.’

Aside from the questionable story we were able to see Kathy Hilton host a spa day and she continued to give us some laughter.

Kyle headed over to Crystal’s house and the two spoke about Garcelle’s comments about feeling like an outsider. They both don’t really understand why. Crystal also shares how much she is spending on her basement renovation. She said the cost was a million but she got it down to half a million so I was unclear on why she even brought up it being a million when she was paying 500k for it but kudos to her.

Kyle & Mauricio host a dinner for Dorit & PK. Dorit finds out the story from Kyle and is absolutely shocked. When everyone is sitting for dinner – Dorit tells the husbands what Kyle told her. It’s funny that Mauricio acted like he hasn’t already heard this story from Kyle. PK says statistically he doesn’t think it’s credible that both Tom & her son would flip her cars and something is not adding up. PK says that he thinks Erika has been in a controlling marriage and that she still is being controlled. I just can’t see someone like Erika be controlled at this point. Mauricio says there are lies all over the place. They all laugh at the story and I have a feeling Erika is not going to be pleased watching this.

Dorit later hosts an event to debut her wedding collection to the ladies. After dinner – the ladies all mingle while Erika and Lisa Rinna stay back and watch. Kyle told Garcelle that she had everyone ‘up in arms’. What Kyle is referring to is an interview that Garcelle did with Mario Lopez where she tells Mario that all the ladies are coming for her and that she’s ready for it.

Dorit calls out Garcelle wondering why she would say that. Garcelle explains that Dorit did come after her. They both see the story differently. Garcelle feels like Dorit doesn’t allow her to have an opinion. Garcelle says she felt that Dorit did come after her and no one ever has Garcelle’s back. Lisa stays back and doesn’t involve herself but does say in a confessional that Garcelle got called out for being shady and if she feels that there is injustice going on, she would say something but she didn’t.

I have a feeling after this episode Erika will never speak to Kyle & Dorit again. I can’t even imagine Erika coming back with having one person on her side which would be Lisa Rinna.


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