Vicki Gunvalson Denies Reports She Has COVID; Says It’s An ‘Unknown Cold’ Plus Notes It ‘Broke Her Heart’ That Son Michael Got Vaccinated

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Vicki Gunvalson denies reports that she had COVID-19.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star slammed a report from claiming she has COVID-19.

According to a source, Vicki has COVID-19 but refuses to admit it publicly. The vaccine skeptic insists she has an “unknown cold.”

While talking to, Vicki refused to confirm whether she had tested positive for COVID. She also notes that she has not been vaccinated due to a “health exemption.”

“You’re not writing a story about an unknown cold I have,” she told

“My medical information is not public. Whatever happened to privacy? Do you want your medical records all over the internet?” she added. “I have underlying issues; I cannot get the vaccine. I’ve got blood clots; I have a health exemption.”

Meanwhile, on August 10, Vicki’s son, Mike Wolfsmith, revealed on Instagram that he got vaccinated, much to his mother’s disapproval.

“What does your mom think about you getting the vaccine? I’ve heard she’s an anti-vaxxer,” one follower wrote to which Mike replied, “She said it ‘broke her heart’ lol.”

He added, “She has terrible sources of information. Guns, American flags, and invisible sky fairies – the All-American trifecta!”

Vicki told that her son was telling the truth about her reaction to him getting vaccinated.

“He’s very liberal, my son is. I’m not,” she said. “It did [break my heart he got the vaccine], because of all the people that are getting sick. It did break my heart.”

“He already had Covid. It doesn’t work,” she added.

It turns out Vicki’s controversial views on COVID-19 are also shared by her fiancé Steve Lodge, who recently slammed Lisa Vanderpump for requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before guests can enter her TomTom Restaurant & Bar in West Hollywood.

“Restaurants that are requiring vaccinations and testing are violating the medical privacy of their customers. A vaccination also doesn’t mean you can’t contract or spread the virus, so what’s the point? Is this just theatre? It’s certainly not science,” he said on Instagram in early August. “I suppose you can say, her restaurant her choice. But where does this discrimination stop against a virus with [a] 99.8 percent survival rate? This is a very slippery slope, and we need to stop and use reason and logic, not fear and hysteria.”

While talking with, Vicki denied her opinions on COVID-19 have anything to do with Steve’s political viewpoints.

“His campaign is separate from my health. Steve’s health and Steve’s viewpoints have nothing to do with me, so we’re not going there,” she said. “His decisions on what he wants to do have nothing to do with me. He’s running for governor, and he has a really good chance of winning, but that has nothing to do with my viewpoints.”

RHOC is expected to return for season 16 in late 2021 or early 2022.

Thoughts on this all? Do you think Vicki has COVID? Sound off below!

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