RHOBH Reap: Dinner Party From Hell: Part Two!

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Dinner parties have always been focal points in Housewives history – so if this week’s episode title is any indication….grab your popcorn.

We start out with Dorit still trying to find a story line…I mean showing off her bridal collection. PK is jealous that Dorit business endeavours are busier than his and continues to chime in with creative input. PK names the dresses, coining the looks names such as ‘The Pearl’ and ‘The Woman.’ Don’t strain your brain there PK! The discussion of weddings brings up Erika’s disasterous marriage and I think Dorit is regretting going against Ms. Jayne as she seems to be going back to defending her. In the words of Camille – is Dorit flip-flopping?

Across town, Sutton is moving into her new digs and while it has a long way to go, I have a feeling that Suttons southern charm will bring it to fruition. Sutton brings up Rinna’s lip launch and now that she sees the not so nice side of Ms. Jayne – the kid gloves are off and she plans on bringing it. I’m here for it Sutton  – bring it on girl! At least someone isn’t afraid of the big bad Ms. Jayne in this group!

Crystal has the girls over for some delicious Chinese cooking; however the main focus is Dorit and her many stories and Sutton who is not so sure she wants to hang out with Erika. Erika is still salty with Sutton for wanting to distance herself and the other ladies seem to agree. Garcelle is visibly uncomfortable as she and Sutton are close; however all the other ladies don’t seem to be fans as they call her awkward, small town and a nobody because no one had heard of her.

We get a break from this dark and heavy stuff with a cute scene between Kyle and Mauricio who are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Mauricio has made a beautiful and romantic dinner at home and the two of them are definitely couple goals.. In a town like Beverly Hills, divorces are as common as Botox, and even Kyle admits that she is shocked that she has lasted this long. Despite a milestone anniversary, the two talk about Erika and Tom because it’s hard not to these days. Both of them want to believe that Erika is innocent but Kyle admits she will have to eat crow if she is wrong as she has been defending her. Overall, it’s a sweet scene and I am happy that at  least one marriage has lasted in this town of affairs, diamonds and scandals!

The day of Kathy’s beautiful Christmas party is upon us, and one of my life goals is to be invited to one of the Hilton’s soiree’s. Kathy prefers her guests running late (once again perfect for me!) However Rinna doesn’t get that memo and arrives a few minutes early while Kathy is fluffing. The ladies as always dress to impress but my best dressed vote goes to Crystal who is really stepping up her game as the season progresses. The dinner is elegant with name cards (Sutton is pleased) however Sutton quickly sours when she finds herself going head to head with Erika before the first course is served. Erika won’t give Sutton the time of day as she doesn’t value her opinion (which is fair) but in this group anyone who walks away is shamed so why does Erika get all the white gloved treatment?

Sutton is taken aback and salty that she is on an island by herself as no one else will stand up to Erika. Dorit attempts to open a conversation with Garcelle; however thankfully Kathy interrupts so that the ladies can appreciate the caviar and vodka pairing that she worked so hard on. Rinna has the amazing idea of bringing out the bell to air grievances, which naturally goes to hell quickly. Sutton attempts to explain herself in a clearly and calm manner; however Erika is Queen of irrational and can’t take any logic.  Garcelle kindly tries to help Erika see others’ point of view; however Erika coldly jerks away, and I have to wonder what is wrong with her that she can’t accept any sort of act of kindness. While Dorit explains that she too didn’t want to be written about in the papers with regards to a Ponzi Scheme, Erika chillingly says she is going to remember who was there for her and who wasn’t. What the hell does that mean? If you don’t blindly support Erika you are going to be on her list?

Erika asks for compassion; however I have never seen Erika offer compassion to anyone (including the victims.) Kyle then takes over the conversation and calls Sutton two faced, basically putting all of the blame on Sutton. If I were Sutton I would be pissed at Kyle as I think Kyle wants to throw Sutton under the bus after seeing Erika glare at her the way she did. Sutton correctly points out that Erika has lied as the accident story drastically changed over time; however she forgot to mention she lied to Garcelle saying there was no affair and also her whole marriage to Tom and how it was portrayed was a lie. Does anyone else wish they could text the housewives to help them out in their arguments or is that just me?

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on this episode? Do you think it was fair that Sutton got all the blame?

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