RHONY Recap: The Doppelgang’s All Here!

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We’ve almost made it to the end of what may be the worst season of RHONY. I’m proud of you for staying with me loyal fans – the end is in sight!

I do have high hopes for this episode as I love a good Housewives impersonation – and that’s what is being served this evening in the Hamptons. The ladies are still acting like 7th graders at a sleepover, as they are playing pin the lips on Harry then proceed to call him to tell him what’s going on at their party. I’m totally getting flashbacks to some middle school slumber parties. I guess in this scenario Harry would be the boy that goes out with 90% of the girls in the class and breaks up with his girlfriend at the school dance?

Things go from PG to R rated real quick as the ladies discuss their love lives (in explicit detail) then proceed to dance topless, minus some sparkling pasties covering their nipples. I know people were complaining that this season has been too serious; however I could have done without this scene. Call me old fashioned but I don’t need to see any of these ladies dancing around with a boa and topless.

The next morning the majority of the ladies have a serious hangover however that doesn’t stop them from continuing with their girls weekend with a Greek celebration. The ladies go around and tell each other about their best Valentine’s Day, and I think it’s safe to say that all of these ladies are hopeless romantics as even Leah breaks down in tears talking about the loves of her past. The ladies are all single and agree that it’s damn near impossible to find a decent man in Manhattan, but at least they have each other. I love myself a good Galentine’s Day celebration and considering this one ends with plate breaking – I’d call it an overall success.

Bershaun arrives, and I’m happy that she was invited to the Galentine’s Weekend as she was snubbed from Black Shabbat. Bershaun arrives just in time for an identity swap dinner and I have a feeling that it may just be the highlight of this season. This season has been serious and a bit slow so this dinner is just what we need to get back on track: it’s silly, fun and makes us laugh – much like the previous seasons of RHONY!

The ladies take their assignments seriously and nail their impersonations – I’d give an A+ to all participants! Eboni nails Lu in Jovani, Leah is Covid patient Ramona, Lu is serious attorney Eboni K. Williams and Ramona is millennial Leah McSweeney. Rounding out this all-star team is Bershaun slinging affordable luxury lifestyle clothing (aka Sonja) while Sonja is heel, hat and label loving Bershaun.

The ladies continue to use their method acting all throughout dinner, and it’s all fun and games until Ramona takes it to the next level with her Leah impression. There’s a grain of truth in every impression and despite them playing it off – you know there is some serious disdain between these two. Lu is up next and her body is taken over by the official Eboni K. Williams and declares herself the most educated woman in the room – and fortunately Eboni has a great sense of humor about it and the ladies go crazy for Lu’s impression.

….and that’s it ladies and gents! It’s safe to say it was an underwhelming season and we have to wrap it up with the obligatory snapshots: Lu is focusing on her two loves: non-alcoholic rose and cabaret, Ramona is trying to make herself a NYC real estate maven, Eboni is focusing on her new family while also trying to find a man, Sonja is mirroring Luann’s success by attempting a comedy cabaret/burlesque and Leah is converting to Judaism in the fall.

RHONY airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

Thoughts on this episode? Will you be sticking around for the reunion or are you out?

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