RHONY Recap: Be Mine Galentine

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Hello NY fans! We’re crawling to the finish line, and since we’re promised a new cast next season – don’t give up: Stay with me!

This season can’t be all bad if we have Sonja in a winter coat, cowboy boots and no panties running around in the snow. Bravo – do what you have to do but don’t take Sonja away from us – she is the only person keeping this franchise afloat! Across town, Leah is entertaining her parents and I’m over her conversion storyline. I know Leah is showing us what’s going on her life; however I’m getting serious Tamra being baptized in a pool vibe. I feel that the religion storylines are always a one season thing and then we never hear about it again. Regardless, I love seeing Leah getting along with her family as family is important. Side note: I have to use this time to state that I think I’m the only fan that doesn’t find Leah’s brother hot. All of social media went crazy for him, and he seems like a nice guy and all, but I just don’t get it.

On the UES, Ramona is studying for her real estate exam and while Ramona has her many faults, she does have book smarts and I do think she will make it in the real estate industry. Ramona is interrupted by a call from Sonja who reveals that she tested positive for Covid. Meanwhile, Eboni is doing some studying of her own as she is searching for her family and has narrowed her biological father down to three possible men – all who are still alive. I know Eboni has gotten a lot of negative feedback this season; however I’ve enjoyed to see her search for her family as she deserves to find her family after wishing for it for so long.

The ladies are planning a Galentine’s Day celebration as none of them have a special man in their life and Lu calls Sonja to get the details. Sonja breaks the cardinal rule of forgetting to hang up before proceeding to talk about said person, and is caught red handed. In today’s day and age you have to not only hang up but, go so far as to delete your recent calls in order to avoid any blunders such as this. Sonja is showing her age – take note on how to talk sh*t about people the proper way Sonjarita!

Galentine’s weekend is upon us; however Lu is dressed as if she is wearing a Super Mario Brother’s landscape sweater. Love Lu – but what in fashion hell is going on here!? Lu vents to Ramona about Sonja being caught talking about her and the ladies wonder if it’s the drinking that causes her to go off the deep end, or maybe resentment after her money woes….or possibly a combination of the both? Either way, the ladies aren’t happy about it and you know it’s going to be brought up during their Galentine’s weekend celebration. The rest of the ladies arrive and Sonja is dressed as an old school pimp so it’s good to know that Lu isn’t the only one with questionable fashion sense this trip. The ladies are apparently doing an identity swap dinner so all of that questionable fashion will be open to interpretation here.

Sonja is relaxing in her perfectly matching room, and gets emotional reflecting on her past anger towards Ramona and breaks down to her. Sonja getting sick with Covid made her realize how important her friends were and naturally, Ramona made that list. Sonja admits that her anger was never towards Ramona but more from things that she was dealing with inside – and isn’t that always the case.

Galentine’s is off to a cute start with matching pj’s, a roaring fire and Dove chocolates. Who needs a man with a lineup like this? The dinner is beautiful and I would love an invite to this Galentine’s Day – I would even attend it over a dinner with my guy. This one comes with pin-the-tail on Harry, bedazzling and some girl talk – Sign me up! The conversation turns serious as Eboni reveals she has found her birth father and has even been welcomed into the family by her sisters and nieces and nephews. Love this for Eboni – she deserves all of the happiness in the world!

Luann’s genius game of pin the tail on Harry is a hit and the honors of giving Harry some sugar goes to Eboni. It’s fitting as else has already got some of that, so it’s part of being initiated into the RHONY group!

RHONY airs Tuesday’s on Bravo.

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