Stephanie Hollman Goes Makeup Free & Reflects on her Time on RHOD: Reveals she Felt Pressure to Stay Thin & Struggled to Accept Herself

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With RHOD recently being cancelled, many of the stars are doing some soul searching, with Dallas sweetheart Stephanie Hollman being no exception.

The blonde beauty took to Instagram to show what she looks like makeup free so fans could see the real her without the lashes and extensions. Stephanie revealed that she has always felt insecure on the show and revealed the strict diet she followed in order to stay thin the first few seasons. Stephanie admitted that she was nervous about fans commenting on her appearance and ate egg whites and tuna fish to stay as thin as possible. Stephanie also made it clear while in the photo she went as natural as possible, she has regular maintenance such as fillers and Botox to keep her looking youthful. I admire for Stephanie for adding this part as many fans compare themselves to those that they see on their screens, and knowing that it’s not all makeup sets more realistic expectations. Take a look at Stephanie’s raw post below:

“This is me. This is the real me without extensions, makeup, filters or good lighting. It took many years for me to love this version of myself. The first year of filming housewives, my diet consisted of tuna fish and egg whites. Someone said that the camera adds 10 pounds so, along with the strict diet, I did cardio every day. It terrified me that people would likely criticize my appearance. I knew my self esteem wasn’t high enough for too much of that. I decided to do anything necessary to stay as small and “perfect” as possible. Looking back, I realize that this was unhealthy. I love people and wanted to bring something light and fun to their lives. However, I took it to the extreme and allowed my value to rise or fall based on what the fans thought week to week. If I perceived that I let myself or the fans down, it reminded me of my shortcomings and insecurities would surface. If I perceived that I had a good week, I was at peace and felt worthy. Isn’t it funny that so many of us put our value in the hands of others? We needlessly compare ourselves to those on Instagram, in magazines or on tv. They give the appearance of flawless perfection and have it all together but, we never really love and honor ourselves as we are. At forty one years old, I periodically get botox and filler to help me maintain a youthful look. Additionally, I get yearly laser treatments. I have stretch marks on my butt from a growth spurt when I was twelve years old. I also have cellulite and the skin of my stomach isn’t as tight as it use to be since having two amazing children. My lifetime experiences taught me to better accept the fact that I am a perfectly flawed human and I am ok with that.”

Stephanie is clearly beautiful with or without glam, but I’ve always thought her true beauty came from within. In an industry obsessed with being fake she seems to try and show her most authentic self, including showing her struggles. Wishing Stephanie lots of light and love in her next chapter after RHOD!

Will you miss RHOD? Thoughts on Stephanie’s post?

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